I'll be there!

This morning we are taking off our farm clothes and putting on our Canadian Cheering Gear and heading into the City. We are studying our best option for getting there. We will travel by car as far as we can .. .and then we'll jump on the transit system.

It will be free for us . .. .all day. . since we have tickets in hand to a Hockey Game between Finland and Belarus. If you can find a place to watch that. . .look for me behind the goal . .row 7.

Later on in the day .. .we've tickets to watch the medal ceremony. I'm wondering if our friend who sold us his tickets is very sorry that he did. A Canadian will be given a gold medal and our flag will be center. What a joy it will be to be there to see this once in a lifetime event.

It's kind of funny how when you have done something many times .. and see children experience it for the first time. .you see it through the child's eyes and remember what it was like.

This time. . .it's all new and as I near the end of my year of Jubilee. . .I have the privilege of attending Olympic Events.

Remember to watch for me. . .I'll be there.

I have no idea what time we'll get home so I may be posting a bit later on Thursday but you can be sure I'll be posting.

All for now .. .


  1. I'll be watching for you and for Judy - have a grand time!

  2. See ya there! What a perfect 'end of jubilee' celebration.

  3. I'll be watching out for you on CTV. I'm glad you read all your rules. Don't forget your camera...

  4. How fun!! And what a gift to watch a Canadian get a gold! There was a lot of hooting and cheering going on here last night during the Canada/Norwegian game. I'll be to sure to look for you.

    PS - if you have time, go to the Atlantic Canada House - they say it's the #3 attraction. Food and music and lots of Maritime fun. Too bad you're not going on the weekend - my boys will be playing then.

  5. Oh what fun! Enjoy the game and most assuredly our lousy U.S. coverage won't be showing us the game. Hopefully they will show us the medal ceremony.

  6. How cool! I just told Judy that I'd watch to see her. Now I'll be looking for you and Terry, too. Can't wait to read about the day.

  7. how awesome is that!!!! maybe once in a lifetime. I will keep my eyes open for you. Wave to us!!!

  8. I'll definitely be watching for you! Row 7! Nice. And you are right....your friend will be dissapointed...what a great treat to be at the presentation ceremony on such an auspicious occassion!


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