Happy February!

Well it is official.

On the Wet Coast. . .

we've had the warmest January ever!

We're a full degree above average overall.

Normally our temperatures average out to 6 Celsius. .

and this year we're around 7 Celsius.

I've been snipping at my chives.

So . .if you coming to our wet coast. . .

leave your mittens and heavy parkas at home . . .

we are having spring.

All for now. . .


  1. I love seeing the bits of green starting to peek out...we've had such an unusually cold winter so far, that everything is completely brown here. The tropicals took a hard hit, especially. I'm looking forward to seeing those signs of spring here in "sunny Florida!" (Rainy and gloomy today!)

  2. I'll be up there this Wednesday through Feb. 14th...thanks for the heads up :0)
    Maybe I can manage to bring a chill with me and some snow for the Olympics...

  3. We were in Oregon over Christmas and I packed turtlenecks and heavy sweaters -- I lived in a "sauna"!!
    I'll know better next time.

  4. Yes, well, you do know that I am praying for things to nosedive in order to support the Olympics. ;>

    Beautiful header, Lovella! Now enjoy those chives...

  5. We're under a blanket of white - and it's cold! Too bad we couldn't ship some colder weather out for the big event coming up!

  6. The SLC paper had a big article about how Whistler is putting down straw baless, then covering them over with snow gathered from higher elevations and the snow that they have been making. I had no idea that was an option. Apparently Japan had the same dicy snow situation for their winter olympics and then it started snowing so hard during the event they had to delay events.

    I believe...snow WILL come!

  7. We'll never be able to compete. :) Your weather reminds me so much of the UK. I always had daffodils poking through by Christmas.

    But, the fun thing is -- our baby is due the very same week the leaves come out on the trees. So every week I think, __ more weeks until baby and leaves....

  8. We're in a colder than usual January and covered in ice right now! These pictures make me long for the ice to melt and for the planting that should come right around the corner. I'm hoping our house remodel doesn't intefere with planting the garden this year. I'm afraid it might.

  9. We are having snow. I have been looking for sprouts, but have found none. Just a few more weeks, surely.

  10. I'm coming...with bells on.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted
    *expecting again...from Ethiopia!!

  11. looks lovely! last year i came to visit my parents in february and comming from alberta i thought it was so warm i didnt wear a jacket or anything! this year im comming from california so i may have to still pack my parka and mittens! we will see :)


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