changes are good

I'm a person that loves to switch things up a bit.

My mom always said that a change was as good as a rest . .

and aren't mom's mostly right?

If you have been reading my blog for awhile. . .

I don't have to tell you what the change is ..

and if you are new here. .

it doesn't matter what the change is . ..

since reading my blog is already a new change for you too.

On Friday evening we had the first of two babysitting gigs.

Kanneloni Macaroni and the lil' farm hand had dinner with us.

Kanneloni Macaroni slurped some water out of a sippy cup .. .

this she liked. ..and agreed it was a good change.

The lil' farm hand was busy again working on his malen . .

while Kanneloni Macaroni observed from her toe touching post on the floor . . .

no change there.

A bit later in the evening after baths and jammies . . .

I showed Kanneloni Macaroni a bottle . . .

and offered her a cuddle.

This change was not so appreciated.

After awhile . . .

this Grammie decided that reading stories to the lil' farm hand should be my job . ..

and handed the bottle to the Grampa . . . .

who sweetly talked her into first two slurps . .

and then three.

As children often are ...

she became quite easily adjusted to the new change . . .

and offered up smiles to show quickly forgiven dinner dissapointment.

I wasn't sure who I enjoyed watching more.

Some pictures really are worth a thousand words.

All for now . . .


  1. Hi Lovella, I like your new look. Those kiddos are growing like weeds of course. You so right we need change once in a while. I have to change some things a lot and other I would rather just stay the same. I love to see the guys take part is care of the children. Blessings

  2. Your little ones are absolutely quickly they grow and show their little personalities. Beautiful babies....

  3. I'm new and don't know what the change is but I agree, I love change and I think your mom was a smart lady.

    The little ones are precious. Enjoy them. Children grow up fast but grandchildren even faster. Hard to believe!

    Great to meet you and yours.


  4. My grandmother's heart just smiled to pieces as I saw this post. That last picture melted my heart. What adorable little ones you have and the joy comes through each of your words. Your blog looks so nice!

  5. It looks like a perfect way to spend a Friday night...from one Grammy to another. How quickly they change...and how sweet the moments you captured.

    I'm thinking you've gone pink over here. Is that the change? Hmmm...guess I'm not too observant.

  6. KM, with her bling and big blue eyes, deserve a bone china sippy cup.
    Does Grammie's violet china set have such an option available? And if not, why not?

  7. Adorable! with a capital A!

    I'm looking forward to grammie posts - someday!

  8. Isn't it fun to each have one to focus on? It looks like T is enjoying having a little girl in his life. I like your new header. reminded me that it's still snowing on mine.

  9. Yep...almost too precious for words!

  10. Those precious little faces have never before been quite so visible. They are beautiful :)
    Isn't grandparenting the best?!?

  11. Life has changed, Lovella. From date nights to Friday nights with the grands. They grow up to fast....
    I love it. Great shot of T with the little ones. It seems like they have way more time and interest now.

  12. Oh her little eyes! And tongue. Had a little giggle here. Reminded me so much of my own little lady.
    Love the pics with gramps. Terry looks like he's in bliss holding that bottle. So sweet.
    Lovella, my heart is warmed at how much you two love being grandparents.

  13. Too fun! The little farm hand looks so much like his daddy and her mommy and cousin too. Very cute kids....and I know you are enjoying all of them so much. Kathy


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