body guards

I seriously have the best group of friends that read my blog. The comments. .the emails. . and the phonecalls all made my birthday delight even sweeter yet.

Thank you so much dear ones.

After the visit at the top of Grouse Mountain. . .we took the Skyride down that was bringing more young budding Olympic hopefuls up to have a hockey game.

We stopped off to have a look at the wolves at the base of the mountain and scouted out the base of the trail that I still need to conquer to the top.

I worried not one speck about the trail. . .

since I've learned to say "never say never".

Arriving back in Vancouver City center. . .

we stopped at the daffodil bed and observed a moment of silence for the winter that never did arrive this year.

The city is in full spring bloom and full of national enthusiasm.

If you are locals. .

I need not tell you who these fellows are.

They are the faces we often see on the television in connection with our local police force.

They may not be in uniform but trust me. . .they are the boys in blue.

I saw them. . . I stopped. . .they saw me. . and they stopped.. .

and the picture op was a natural progression for all of us.

Naturally I informed them of my 51st birthday . . .

and naturally they insisted on having me in the picture that I was about to take of the two of them.

For the record. .they do not have me cuffed behind my back . ..nor are they my body guards. .

though the thought of telling you they were. ..did cross my mind.

It really was buzzing.

I was buzzing too. .

and after a lap from the Olympic Cauldron from one edge of the city. . .

across to the bay on the other side where the Russian Pavilion is at Science World . .

we called it a day.

We decided a birthday lunch at the Spaghetti Factory was in order.

On our way to the car. .

I spotted one more celebrity and I'd show you today . .. but I need a post for tomorrow. .

so you'll have to wait for that picture op.

I am finishing writing up this post after a tasty bowl of spicy Borscht.

I made a pot in honour of the Canadian vs. Russian Hockey game.

Is was a fantastic game. . if you are Canadian.

All for now. . .


  1. Hooray for Canada!! Hockey players, speedskaters and bobsledders! A great Wednesday. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us "join" you and get a sense of the excitement - a celebration to remember - both Olympic and birthday!

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday, even if it's a wee belated.. but everyday should be a 'birthday'.

    What a hockey game it'll be tonight!! Canada vs US.. what a show. Got tickets for this event?

    Love love love the Canadian Secret Service.

    If you happen to meet Kristi Yamaguchi, tell her that we miss her in Cary, NC and that she looked fab this morning in that scarf.

    with love,

  3. You did have a wonderful day, one look at you and your are just shining. I have so been enjoying the Olympics. Your pictures are great and belated Happy Birthday. I would love to come to Canada to Vancouver, I went into Canada on a train one time. From Michigan into the country about 100 miles. I loved the the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Blessings

  4. What a celebration..great photos Lovella and now I'm wondering about that last celebrity..

  5. Another great day as our lady in red tours the Olympics. Isn't it fun to feel the buzz and get right in on the action. As I read about your adventures, I get more excited to see you enjoying the years to come.
    Age does not matter anymore, you just continue to become who you need to be and it's so much fun...
    I always say, "I'm still having fun at my age."

  6. Love your photo ops! Fabulous. What a fun idea to have borsch during that game. I guess there are some nail biting games happening today eh? I might have to just wait and hear the results cuz I'll be nervous for you all in Canada and us all in the U.S. Double nerves...

  7. It really was a fantastic game! Did you see the women bobsledders afterwards - whooppee!
    The Great Dane is heading to Vancouver tomorrow to spend the day with our Lillypad. I was going to go, but the wonky back says 'please leave me home' so I'll take the day off and do something fun at home so that I don't feel sorry for myself!
    Love those bodyguards!

  8. Yeeeeeee Haw. Amazing how we can be happy at a win...but sooooo down in our borscht if we loose n'est pas? My German friend and I were downtown yesterday and she said to me....either you will be happy. Russian heritage, German heritage AND Canadian...well....there is a win win situation there for sure!

  9. Glad that Canada beat the Russians....My dad played hockey in Houghton Mi. for Michigan Tech. Brr, cold up where I was born, eh!! LOL almost in Canada along Lake Superior...
    Your pictures are wonderful. My friend from Spokane said it is beautiful there....Someday, maybe!!
    I read one of the comments about Kristi Yamaguchi...we live in High Point and miss her too....
    Really looking forward to the hockey game between US and Canada....Our Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup a few years ago...Go, NC...
    Sandy in NC

  10. I recognized your bodyguards immediately! We're on a first name basis...Peter and Dale. Now I'm wondering who else you found on your 51st birthday.

    Loved that game last night. We had borscht yesterday as fitting!

  11. Looking forward to seeing who else you met on your birthday adventures! And indeed it was a good hockey game! :) Sorry I missed seeing you at the game the other day! Enjoy watching the rest of the Olympics!

  12. You live in an exceptionally beautiful country. We will all now want your autograph after all the famous people you have rubbed shoulders with!

    Kathy b

  13. You live in an exceptionally beautiful country. We will all now want your autograph after all the famous people you have rubbed shoulders with!

    Kathy b

  14. I've bragged to all my friends at work about you and all your wonderful experiences with the Olympians and celebs! So excited for you! You really are adventurous and blessed!

  15. This is like a "whose who" list when I visit here lately. What a fun birthday celebration you have had. This one just might go in the record books. These pictures are so good. You look radiant on the pictures. I enjoy seeing the flowers that are planted. It is encouraging to me that Spring will come.


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