Opening Ceremony Celebrations

You know you are a blogger when you take pictures of the screen.

I loved it. . .

simply loved it.

I felt it showed each part of Canada in a way that made me want to climb in the truck and pull the trailer across our vast land.

It had just enough of a blooper to keep us humble while we cried with pride.

Tell me the truth .. .

Which restaurant had the best Opening Ceremony Party?

I can tell you that answer ..

It was Kathy's Kitchen.

She had the table set facing the television ...

and for the first time in our thirty years of friendship with Scot and Kathy. . .

we all sat on the same side of the table.

She had a beautiful salad set out on clear plates with gold chargers and of course .. .

to keep the theme of the colors correct.. . .

cranberry vinaigrette dressing.

Look at her little Maple Leaf butter patties.

I bet. . .

not even the most expensive fine dining restaurants had those to go with the fresh bread she had baked that day.

We also enjoyed a cheese fondue which we ate slowly .. .

reminding each other that we had alllllll evening.

In between we paused for picture ops. .

because we will never celebrate the opening ceremonies of Vancouver together .. .

ever again.

After the cheese fondue .. .

she hurried herself back to the kitchen where she sauteed some mushrooms . .

to go with the beef tenderloin, chicken and shrimp fondue.

Scot and Terry took that opportunity to compare notes of which part they were enjoying the most. . .the food or the Opening Ceremony.

She had the most amazing vegetable presentation but she'll be posting that on Mennonite Girls Can Cook and I don't want to steal her thunder.

After the the Cauldron was lit down at the Waterfront. . .

we had dessert. . .

She made a McIntosh Toffee Meringue Dessert which will be put up on the blog too.

Eventually we had to come home. . .

I was tempted to ask her if we could sleep in their spare bedroom. . .

since I know. . I just know she always has Cinnamon Buns for company if they stay over.

now. . .back to the Games. . .

All for now. . .


  1. I watched most of the Op. Ceremonies - very nice! I didn't even know there was a blooper until yesterday! I've already watched some skiing, speed skating (go ohno!) and figure skating. I love it!

    Blessings, Becky

    By the way, I have a recipe for a remoulade sauce that is DELICIOUS with meat fondue, if you'd like to have it! It's from a 'famous' fondue rest. in Atlanta. Very, very good! B.

  2. Oh wow! Kathy really did it up right. It looks very special and no wonder you were not wanting to go home.

  3. What a wonderful spread! It really looked like a great festive evening. I loved the whale part of the amazingly cool!

  4. The ceremonies were great...a fantastic portrayal of our vast country and it's people.

    Now I know exactly what Kathy was busy with on Friday. It all looks amazing! I'm thinking you could not have found a better restaurant...anywhere!

  5. I think we now have the answer to the question "Do you want to go for some Canadian food?" YES...if it is at Kathy's (or your place, of course...)

    The Opening Ceremonies were perfect in my opinion. And due to the fiddle/tap dancing number, I've added Newfoundland to the list of places I want to go. Was that a best kept secret or what?

    We were enjoying chocolate dipped strawberries during the ceremonies too. Guess we were there with you too in some ways.

    Congrats on that Gold for Canada yesterday! Nice Valentine's present to the country, eh?

  6. Wasn't that the best celebration of our life? I could not of anticipated anything better than spending time celebrating historical moments in our country with the whole world watching.
    It looks like she did one Bang up job! How much fun is that.

  7. It was fun to celebrate the opening of the games together. You should have stayed the night. The guest beds are always ready...and yes you are right....cinnamon buns are what my guests expect for breakfast....and I love to keep them happy....then they come back again and again.
    Hope you are enjoying watching the games. Wasn't Alex amazing! The interview with his whole family was so touching. What a great way to start out in Vancouver. Kathy (MGCC)

  8. Loved this post! Clicked on every picture and enjoyed the visit with you... happy for the friendship you share and which I've observed for many years now! What a blessing to "grow older" together!

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  11. You do know how to celebrate! It all sounds wonderful and delicious and fun.

    Oh, those opening ceremonies were amazing. When the floor of the stadium turned into the ocean and the whales began swimming across it I cried, it was so beautiful. And it just kept getting better. It was awesome.

  12. Weren't the ceremonies just amazing! I was in awe of all the thought, work and creativity that went into them. Stunning.
    And that you got to eat such lovely food while watching them - what a memory indeed!
    I am a proud Canadian. :)

  13. You valley folks really know how to celebrate! Wasn't that a great opening ceremony? I can't wait to see those recipes on the blog.


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