Bellingham Bay

On Sunday I was settling in for a day of watching the Olympic games. . .
wondering what to make for lunch when my beloved came in from doing chores and announced it was an outdoor day. .
and Valentines Day too.
We got in the car. .
and opened up the sunroof and let the sunshine in.

We headed down to Bellingham USA with the intention of enjoying some much needed blue sky.

We parked just off the road at Bellingham Bay and took a trail down to the waterfront.

We were not alone . . .
we saw lots of Valentines dates ..
Parents with strollers ..
singles barefoot on the grass playing frisbee . ..
and lots of leashes with dogs.

It wasn't hard to stay on the trail ..
the boardwalk goes right out onto the water.
It was so nice to see so many smiling faces chatting it up .. .
and holding hands.

The first warm days of weather after longs nights of winter seem to cheer up everyone.

I was so impressed with how neat and clean the trail was. . .
considering all the pooches that passed us by.

I could easily be found .. .
gazing up at the pink blossoms.

Eventually the shadows got longer and our tummy's told us it must be getting closer to dinner time.

He had a plan for that too.
He had heard advertisements for this restaraunt while doing his chores in the morning.

The food was scrumptious ..
as usual.

The evening had us smiling with the sweet couple in the winter season of their life sitting in the booth across from us.
They watched us. . .
and we watched them. .
and we exchanged smiles.

If that wasn't perfect enough. . .
the merry band of musicians kept us thinking we were on a warm patio in Mexico.

At the end of dinner. . .
he got the bill .. .
and I got a bundle of red tulips.
Valentines 2010 ..
all for now. .


  1. What a wonderful Valentine Day. I enjoyed sharing the pictures and story with you. I love the water. Wished I lived closer. I also really enjoyed the opening ceremonies and suffered a little heart ache with all who saw the videos of the young man who died. I always watch the Olympics, where ever they may be.

  2. Hey Lovella! I have green grass envy after looking at your beautiful photos! Soon and very soon we shall see some of that here in Michigan. Until then, it is a joy to see what others are blessed with!

  3. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I'm ashamed to say that I although I've been through Bellingham many times I didn't know it had a bay or a pretty walk like that. We'll have to stop there next time!

  4. Nice post Lovella. I've been enjoying all the pictures of Canada. It brings back memories of when we visit Vancouver a few years ago. I have a picture on my desk of my husband holding the salmon he caught on our fishing trip while we were there. It's a beautiful place.

  5. I've been to Bellingham many times...but have never visited Bellingham Bay. And your Mexican food looks worth driving out for as well. It looks like a V-Day to remember!

  6. What a wonderful day! That's great that the restaurant had a Mariachi. I am so hungry looking at that great food!!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a sweet day! I love baby brother lives there and is one of B'ham's "finest." It's about time for another visit that direction!

  8. What a sweet day! Pink blossoms on fruit trees...oh wow. Sigh. I'll be over every day for a "warm spring" fix. As if you didn't know, that man of yours is a keeper.

  9. Sweet day! Perfect! We'll have to look up Bellingham Bay... and add that trip to Target.

  10. What a perfect way to spend the day. Looks like a walk we will have to take...and a Mexican place worth the trip:) Enjoyed peaking in on your date. Kathy (MGCC)

  11. I like his style. I wanted to crawl through my computer and taste that platter of delicious looking food from the Mexican restaurant. Sounds like a specially thought out type of day by someone who cares deeply for you.

  12. Hey, Isn't it fun how we all celebrate different events. It looks like one wonderful day with music, food and flowers...All I'm thinking
    Have a wonderful day you TWO!!!!!!
    What else can I say after another GOLD!!!

  13. Grass, flowers, no heavy winter coats...
    It's still snowing here!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your Valentine ♥

  14. Glad you hit my town - since I enjoy following your blog! The world gets smaller & connected via the Internet. Wonder if I'd run into you on the Boulevard path if I'd have recognized Lovely Lovella?


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