51 is Fun!

Sure. ..life isn't always like a bowl of cherries .. .
but yesterday for me. .
it was.
We had our alarm set for 2:30 . . .
we had our clothes all laid out. . .
and by 2:45 we were on the road.
When we got to the parking lot at Grouse Mountain we could see a line up at the gondola.
Terry dropped me off and parked and I went to go buy my birthday present ..
the tickets for the ride up.
The ticket price was cheaper than Olympic event tickets. . .
more expensive than the Victory Ceremony tickets . . .
but as far as penny for penny for fun times. .
the cost of the gondola was worth the priceless fun at the top of the mountain.

When we got home later on we reviewed the show that we had recorded and wrote down the times that we were spotted for our next family dinner entertainment.

Of course our children will want to witness their parents once in a lifetime guest star spots on the Today show.
For the record. .by the third hour we had figured out where to stand and slowly edged towards the spot directly behind the Today show folks.

Every weekday morning . ..
we watch our Today show friends for awhile together and then they are my diversion from boredom while I do my walk on the treadmill.

I wondered . . .
would they be as kind and friendly as they always appear on TV?

The answer is YES.

Al Roker signed the birthday poster that my beloved made for me!

Over and over again I was so impressed to watch the Today folks smile for the camera posing with fans and then most often ask if the shot was okay . .and then always said. .Thank you . . the pleasure was mine.

I just have to slip in this little bit about later in the day to go with this picture. We stopped back in Vancouver to see how the crowds were faring and when we walked past the Royal Canadian Mint and saw the two block line up to see the medals inside. .
we kept walking.
As you can see in the picture above I not only saw a Gold Medal ..
I held it.
I asked Scott Moir the IceDance Gold medal winner if I could see his medal please.
He said. .."of course. ..but you need to hold it too."
I said .. ."really?"
He said. . ."yes of course. .but take off your mitten, you have to touch the gold with your bare hands"
So . ..I did .. as you can see.
Scott and Tessa were both so sweet and spent so much time talking to the crowd.
They had not slept yet since their win the evening before.

Ann is just as nice as with the crowd as she appears on the program.
I watched her for quite some time before she came close enough for me to snag.
She truly has manners and grace of a lady.

I put this picture in because it was just as she was coming closer for me to snag and as you can see I had a glint in my eye as I looked at Terry.

I added this picture.
Natalie was having some touch up's done.
The make up girl on the right. . and the hair girl on the left . .
buzzed about the Today folks in between air time.

Meredith gave me a big hug and a peck on my cheek after reading my sign.

About 15 minutes before the end of the show we looked at one another and agreed we had been satisfied with our morning accomplishments.
It was still early . . .near 7 AM and now light and we headed into the Chalet for some breakfast.
After breakfast we watched these kids play their own hockey game on the ice rink.

We sat near the local radio station morning people . ..listening and watching what we normally just listen to.
After our omelet toast we headed back outside and took a look around before heading back down the Gondola and over the Lions Gate Bridge toward Vancouver City Center.
Terry's cell phone rang now and then. . .
as we were spotted on the show by family and friends.
In the evening my beloved fetched a pizza. . . where he found some of my blog friends sending home greetings....Thank you. . .and we watched our Canadian Boys play hockey. .
What a fantastic Day.
There is always fun. . . if you know where to look.
I just want to thank you all for your sweet Birthday wishes yesterday.
You truly are so kind .. it is most humbling.
Thank you for coming along for the fun.
It really is true that life is richer. ..when shared with people you care about. . .
and who care about you.
All for now. .


  1. How fun!!! i'm so glad you got to do that and got to see so many of the people from the show!!! What I keep thinking is -- how do those people get up so early every day! UGH! :) Guess I won't be applying for that job. :)
    It sounds like a great birthday! i'm so happy for you!

  2. You did AWESOME! I'm so glad you got in there and had a wonderful experience with your Today Show folks! Uncle Terry did great with snapping the moments as they happened. What a great day!

  3. OH my goodness!!! What a incredible day!! Golden memories - fabulous fifties! You'll have to celebrate the whole decade - I'l be looking forward to #52 :)

    PS - love that gleam in your eye picture :)

  4. Wow! What a wonderful way to start a new year (I'm speaking age-wise, of course)! I love Al and Ann and the others, but I'm in awe at the generosity of the gold-medalist in insisting that you hold the medal. To me, that means so much more than the day we attended a wedding where I got to wear a Super Bowl ring (the groom was part of the Tampa Bay Bucs team who had won the Super Bowl that year and the entire team was at the wedding reception).

    Again, Happy Birthday, Lovella...may this coming year be even better that your year of Jubilee!

  5. Good Morning!
    I'm enjoying a snow day from school ~ with 17+ inches of the white stuff!

    What an exciting and memorable day you had!
    This must have been a THRILL ! ! !

    Happy Birthday Lovella!
    You had a GOLD MEDAL DAY ~

  6. Good Morning!
    I'm enjoying a snow day from school ~ with 17+ inches of the white stuff!

    What an exciting and memorable day you had!
    This must have been a THRILL ! ! !

    Happy Birthday Lovella!
    You had a GOLD MEDAL DAY ~

  7. That was a birthday to remember, WOW!!! Neat post:) Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Thanks for sharing your day!

  9. Lovella, there may always be fun, but one has to be willing to go after it, and you are a great example! It's one thing to have an idea and quite another to act on it. Thanks for sharing your fantastic birthday celebration!

    But now we have to ask that age (fifty-one) old question:

    "How will we keep her down on the (chicken) farm now that she has been on TV?"

    Or maybe I should ask "how will we keep THEM down on the farm..."
    as Terry's handsome mug got even more air time than your face.

    Using the tape that clearly demonstrates his camera friendly looks he could head out for a whole new career! Look out world!

  11. You're welcome - and congratulations on a very remarkable year!
    I pray God continues to bless you.

  12. Oh Lovella...you make me smile...big time! You really know how to 'find fun'...even when most of the world is sleeping. So glad you had an awesome day...a gold-medal fifty-first birthday.

    We have the tape...we need to go watch it from start to finish. Maybe I'll watch it with a bloggy friend...and we'll smile together.

  13. We spotted you on TV. The sign stood up well. Congratulations!! You got some really nice pictures to remember your 51st birthday


  14. What an amazing day you had!!
    It was fun to see you on T.V.
    Debbie :)
    fabulous Olympic memories for you both!!!

  15. I am so impressed with Terry and his photo skills! Knowing just when to click made for some fabulous photos! Looks like a wonderful historical birthday for the books!!
    I've got one more year to enjoy in my fifties and then it's on to the 60's!!

  16. seriously girl....you know how to find fun along side celebs...with your camera man ready to capture the moment. I'm so glad your day turned out so perfectly. This will be one you will never forget. Your smiles said it all! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Kathy (MGCC)

  17. An awesome day indeed..you deserved it my dear friend!

  18. What a unique and wonderful experience. I think the Today folks must have enjoyed meeting you as much as you them. You're so sparkly!

    Love that you got to hold the gold.

  19. The photos are amazing, Lovella! What an incredible way to spend your 51st birthday!

  20. What a fun day! Hope you had a very, Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Loving This Mom Stuff

  21. wow, that is amazing!!! now i'm bummed that i didn't continue watching, or record the rest of the today show that i began in the morning. i didn't get to see you, but these pictures almost made up for it :) glad you had such a memorable birthday!

  22. WOW WOW WOW...you sure know just how to celebrate a birthday Lovella!!!!! You've made some incredible memories.

  23. Happy birthday Lovella! That was pretty cool!

  24. Lovella, I cannot imagine you having a better Birthday! Now I know where we are different! LOL I don't even know what the Today Show is about ... and as for meeting celebreties...oh boy! I would not have been the one to bump into them ... you have to have your eyes open... and you do that well! Thank you for sharing in the excitement with us, so that we can actually imagine it.

  25. What an exciting birthday! Thanks for sharing it with us home bodies. I would have loved to meet Scott Moir. You and Terry had a Gold Medal Day!

  26. wow!! Looks like a fantastic day indeed!!! :) And very cool that you got to hold the gold medal!

  27. What a 51st birthday you had! Can't imagine how you will top it when you turn 52. I smiled the whole way through this post...I mean really Ann Curry and Meredith too...you just know how to make things happen. Never mind you lived a good part of your day when most of the world was just waking up. The photography is so well done, and the fact that your husband made you a sign was certainly a gesture of love. This post was one of my favorite ever. Thanks so much for sharing it. Will you continue to post now that you

  28. Well, you certainly know where to look !! smile... I loved living the day vicariously through you!! How exciting that you met Tessa and Scott..I watched their medal winning performance live. they are my favorite athletes!
    Just keep celebrating! It makes for great posts !!

  29. What a fabulous memory you made!! Happy Birthday! May you have a fun-filled year just like it started! Blessings!

  30. So very cool and wah! I missed it. Nothing like a little stomach flu on our birthday to keep me from having too much fun. Fifty-one is fun! Fifty-*** not so much. Ha! Happy Birthday, Lovella!

  31. How cool to get to meet the crew of the Today's Show!

  32. What a perfectly wonderful birthday!

  33. Happy, Happy Birthday!
    I can't believe you got to hold Scott's medal!!! It sounds like you had the most amazing start to this next year of your life. What an amazing memory!
    Thanks for sharing your glorious day with us. :0)

  34. Lovella you are so cute, slipping in here and there so you could 'snag' the stars. Happy Belated Birthday. You richly deserve it, even from the perspective of one like me ... 'just a blog reader'.

    I want to know how many cups of coffee it takes to be awake from 2 am'ish to the next night.


  35. WOW!! What a day you had -- Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

  36. I had to get up early this morning just to stay ahead of all the exciting news coming our way.
    One amazing day....You have not only inspired many other younger women, but we can also add you to the list of graceful women in this world.
    You bring vitality and energy wherever you go.
    I have to be honest with you, I'm like Anneliese, I had no clue what that show was all about, because I'm sleeping during those hours and we never watch TV in the morning...Too funny...
    I'm hoping to snag some time with Judy and carefully awaken me to what I'm missing early in the morning.

  37. Oh my...that was quite the birthday! No TV here so didn't catch you, though I also wouldn't have known where to look :) Have been following some Olympics via internet tho - fun!
    Happy 51!!

  38. I thought you were cool before but now I think your the COOLEST!

    Happy Memory making!

  39. Just coming over from Judy's blog. Boy did you ever have the celebrity blessed Olympic/Birthday. I can't believe you got to touch a gold metal. How absolutely wonderful!


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