Vancouver Olympics

Yesterday. . .
after pouring my beloved a cup of freshly ground . .brewed coffee . . .
I asked him as sweetly as I could ..
"do you want to come with me to Vancouver to see how things are shaping up for the Olympics?"
He said. . ."let me do the chores and we'll see."
That meant we were going .. .and I went to wash my hair.
It was a balmy 11 degrees Celsius or 51 Fahrenheit with a slight overcast.
We parked in our favorite spot and set out on foot.
We crossed over Burrard Street Bridge heading to Granville Island Market.
At the other end of the bridge underneath the bridge we found the parking lot for the officials Olympic Cars.
We found some scrumptious blueberry Focaccia bread that I will be making soon .. .very soon.

Instead of walking back across the Granville Street bridge we took the sea bus back across . ..
because we could.

As the sun set. . .the city lights came on . . .
and it was beautiful.

I couldn't resist seeing which sport would best suit me . . .
they had several to try.

The Bay had these amazing photos. . .
cheering on our athletes.

The Bay is the official supplier of our Olympic teams uniforms.
Sure. . they wanted to show them off.

Canada Place was beautiful but the sails were not lit up . ..
I was a bit sad about that.
We walked all around the Convention center. ..
everything was hidden behind special Olympic curtains. . .
no peeking for me.
Granville Street is closed to traffic.
The art work is being set in place.
Even the store mannequins are getting into the spirit of the games.

The artwork . . .
was lighting up the street.

The artwork I enjoyed the most. . .

was done by children .

Lanterns lighting up the street. . .
lighting the way of excited visitors to Vancouver.
As we left the city .. .
He said . .."I think we'll go back during the games".
I said. . ."what about the traffic?"
He said. . ."we'll go early".
I love that he can be flexible and spontaneous.. . .
I really do.
All for now. . .


  1. The first time I ever saw Vancouver was from a cruise ship. I thought the city was beautiful then. The artwork and decorations are so pretty...I love the way the city is dressing up for such a momentous occasion. Those lanterns are a terrific idea!

    Kudos to Terry for being willing to brave the traffic later on...we tend to take the easy way out and avoid it completely.

  2. I've been avoiding Vancouver and had no intention of braving the traffic and crowds until I read this. Your photos are beautiful!My Lillypad is there doing her co-op with VANOC and she walked to the Granville market on Monday because she is living (with a nun!) very close by.

  3. Oh I loved every photo! How very cool the city looks ready for the grand event! Love those lanterns!!

  4. Sigh. I'd love to visit Vancouver. I was there in 1989 for a weekend. Memo to self: move closer to Vancouver. It is so beautiful. Doubly so with the decorations.

    Lovella what camera do you use? I am thinking of buying.


  5. It is going to be quite the event. Thank you for showing us this make a lovely figure skater, at least I think that is the shape you tried. Skier? I must pay attention. That blueberry focaccia bread looks yummy...hope that you perfect the recipe and share it! And, yes, those lanterns created by children are delightful!

  6. I believe that each Olympic city is required to spend a certain amount of money on artwork. SLC did so, and I am so happy with the art that is all about the city. Vancouver is so gorgeous it hardly needs anything else to add to its visual beauty. Children's art is a subject close to my heart and I find their artist efforts to be both memorable and uplifting. The big sculptures are amazing too! I wonder if Chuhuly blown glass will show up somewhere too.

    Not so sure that children should be taking pledges to make the earth "greener" though. Wonder what the pledge said...was it vague or specific as to what they needed to plan to do?

  7. Wow -- the city looks gorgeous!!! Hopefully we'll get to watch some of the Olympics (we don't have a tv so we'll be watching on the web).

    The blueberry foccacia sounds amazing!!! Can't wait until you come out with a recipe!

  8. It's looking good...ready for the big party. We're off to the city on the weekend...and I'm looking forward to walking the downtown...and catching the Olympic mood.

  9. We were in Vancouver for an Alaskan cruise a few years ago - I bet it is lovely all lit up and decorated fo the games.

    Speaking of the games, whenthe summer games were in Atlanta in 1996 (can it be 14 years ago? Oh my!) we had a wonderful time. At the time we lived 3 miles from the very northern end of the Atlanta rail system (MARTA) so we took the train down whenever we could. We were in Centennial Olympic Park about 20 minutes beforethe bombing. Right in that area where the bomb wss - we could have seen the man and not known it! But, we were underground on the train when the bomb went off, and didn't know about it until later.

    I met and talked to people from all over the world, including a family from Africa who had sons in the track events. We talked about being Christians and we wished them all the best as we got off of the train.

    GO!!! Enjoy this time, it only happens once in a lifetime, and you will be so glad you did! B.

  10. What a great day! You captured some great shots. I love the city buildings against the sky. I hope we can get in to catch the spirit too. Kathy (MGCC)

  11. Sounds like your date was a lot of fun.
    But I have to be honest, as exciting as the Olympics are, Vancouver is the last place I want to be right now with the Olympics there. I can't imagine the crowds, I am not a crowd person at all. So I will gladly watch it from a far on my telly,and hopefully come someday when the hullabalu is over.

  12. I appreciate you posting this tour. I doubt we'll go to downtown during the games so I'm glad to be able to see all the neat stuff on your blog!

  13. annon1 I used my little Cannon Elph. . .it fits in my pocket.

    It's all about knowing when to take a pictures. .there are lots of great cameras out there. It really depends what you want to use your photos for. I have a Canon Rebel XT too.

  14. Such a fun date! We'll have to do that soon... because we can.

  15. Doesn't it make you truly proud to be part of the Olympic city. Some people avoid this event, while I can simply not wait....How many more days?
    It was a warm balmy day for you and I hope you considered purchasing some tickets???I might just have some for you....

  16. I am very surprised they didn't give you a backstage pass to the Convention Center - don't they know that you are blogging about it??? :)

    It looks lovely - I especially like the children's lanterns. I wonder how they made them?

    I'm so glad you and Terry are willing to head in - mind if we tag along? :)

    PS - my boys will be there - their band is playing at one of the Maritime showcases. They're excited!

  17. This post brought back lots of memories for me. My husband and I were able to visit Vancouver a few years back. It was fun to see your pictures and to remember when I had been there myself. We sure had a lot of fun on that trip. it sounds like you did too.

  18. You do a great job. I have not had a camera for about 20 years, so I keep being amazed at digital. I thought surely you were using a DSLR.

    I've seen the Elph, but not pix taken with it. (To my knowledge until here.) I now know it does what I want, so I'll be shopping.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.


  19. oh definitely have to go back during the games. the energy just from the pics is palpable. i would love to go. i have my mittens and my scarf is on the way.

  20. I am so thankful for this free tour of a place I would really like to visit. Each picture was so interesting to me. I hope you get to visit again when all the lights are on. What a treat for you and your husband to spend this time together. Thanks for the quick tour. Can't wait for the blueberrry bread.

  21. I love Van couver, It is my second
    favorite place besides Italy.
    I almost moved there. We had friends with a hunting lodge and My husband went on many a hunt.
    I in turn love the city..
    I am a new visitor from Maine.


  22. Oh, your pictures of Vancouver are amazing. We are from Saskatchewan and I am trying to convince my husband to go out to Vancouver on our way down to Palm Springs in February. Maybe these pictures will sew up the deal. I follow your MGCC blog and love it. You are so inspiring and I feel like you are a friend. If we can figure out plane tickets, accomodations, rental car, etc. we may get out there to see these beautiful things for ourselves!


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