Vancouver Olympic Gardens

Did I mention that the Vancouver Winter Olympics start in a couple of weeks?

As we were walking around the city we were enjoying buds and flowers and. . .

this community garden.

It was looking spring like with fresh herbs and spring perennials looking green and healthy.

The Cyclamen in these pots outside this hotel were real ..

I checked.

The beauty of Vancouver is that you can walk around the seawall in the morning. . .

go for a bit of sailing before lunch. . .

take in a round of golf for the afternoon. . .

and then take a gondola up the mountain to ski a few runs before the day is done.

We're all watching the weather for the next few weeks hoping the freezing level will be low enough for the snow they are needing to make on Cypress mountain. Cypress mountain is where the Snowboarding events are being held.

We will be having a state of the mountain address later this morning. They are doing all they can but with this winter being warmer than usual .. they have their work cut out for them.

Even though it does seem like there has been some excessive spending for the Olympic games. . .

and I have no ticket in my pocket. . .

I'll be keeping my eye out for free fun in Vancouver on this site. . click here.

(you can also see a beautiful little video of Vancouver on that site. . well worth the look)

I hope that the games will be enjoyed by all.

I am a proud British Columbian.

On the day of the opening ceremonies. . . our flag will be up .. .

windstorm or not.

All for now. . .


  1. What an amazing opportunity to see great athletes participating in their fields. Your city is beautiful and I love your new banner, a vineyard? I didn't realize you were warm enough for grapes, but I don't really know anything about grapes...

  2. I LOVE your new header photo, Lovella!
    I look forward to watching the Olympics, tho I must admit I have a hard time watching when someone messes up! Most of the time I turn away and just listen!!!

  3. Lovella, one of the best, and least expensive ways to have great fun without visiting any of the games is to buy a few of the olympic pins, then go to the public areas and start trading. You will meet people from all over the world, and if you are lucky, you will get pins from all over as well. I have a red denim vest covered with the pins, and I bought few of them. It's lots of fun, and after the games are over and everyone has gone home, you will have great memories, like "This is the pin I traded for with the guy from Mexico City" or "Oh, the lady from Germany who gave me this one was so nice". "Or maybe - "I can't believe I actually got one of the prized NBC pins!"

    Don't be afraid of the crowds - embrace them!

    I will most likey never travel the world, but for a couple of weeks in 1996 the world came to me, and I made the most of it that I could!!!


  4. In spite of watching and listening to all of the "olympic press" over these recent years, I am still a little in awe of how the city of Vancouver is "coming together" to celebrate not just the Olympics and sport, but as a host to the world in celebrating cultures, ethnicity and art. Thank you for sharing some of this experience.

  5. Looking forward to the Olympics coverage on TV(free..grin)..I too don't have a ticket in my pocket:(
    Go Canada Go!!

    I love watching the Olympics and get right into it, from the comfort of our own home.
    Hope you guys get some snow, in the mountains anyway.

  7. Hoping for a chill to hit B.C.!!
    I'll be in the Pacific Northwest when the games begin. Hope all goes well for the games!

  8. It simply has to be a most exciting time for you and for all Canadians. Enjoy it to the full! I look forward to seeing it with you via your posts.

  9. What a fantastic opportunity for us who live enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer in 2010. I'm so looking forward to it all.

    Snow or no...the games will soon be here!

  10. Our little contribution to the Olympics is our daughter, who is working for VANOC - last night she sent us photos of her new uniform. The excitement is starting to rise as we all hope for a good cold snap.

  11. The Cyclamen pots are beautiful! Actually, the gardens are too. I remember when my dad and mother visited Vancouver and the praise they gave that city. How nice of you to share this extra info with us. I am thankful that the weather situation is not something I have to deal with. Sounds a bit stressful to me. I am looking forward to seeing the Olympics through my blogging friends. Thanks Lovella!

  12. The Musician and I are eagerly awaiting the Olympics because we LOVE to watch the figure skating!

    Yes, Vancouver is an enchanting city...we were there in 1988...I can hardly believe that was over 20 years ago!

  13. Looks like Vancouver is well on its way to host the Olympics. I went to that link this AM.....inviting...don't you think? Kathy (MGCC)


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