the strider

Yesterday afternoon the lil' farm hand brought over the bike he got from his Omi and Opa for Christmas.

Have you heard of the strider before?

At two years old. . .

a child can learn to balance and ride a two wheeler. . .

no training wheels needed.

It needs no smooth roads. . .

just a bit of energy ...

and things to see. .

places to go.

The faster their little legs can move. .

the longer they can lift their legs and balance. . .

and the farther they can go before putting their legs down for another run at it.

What will they think of next?

All for now. . .


  1. Hmm! I have a grandson that will be two this summer -- that looks interesting! He seems to be having a good time!

  2. I never heard of the strider before, but it makes sense. I'll be sharing the link to this post with Aiden's mommy. ;)

  3. I can't wait to ask my daughter if she has heard of a Strider. It seems like a sensible concept. With three toddlers coming of age, this grandma may have to check this out. I am learning from you my friend.

    Your header photo is OUTSTANDING!

  4. That really is one cool little bike. My boys would have loved one when they were little!!

  5. I just recently saw one of these and thought 'what a great idea'! I know a little two year old whose Nana will see him in Kingston next weekend - a Strider might be a very good Valentine's treat.

  6. Interesting in terms of developmental tasks. I'm not sure such an option was available to two year olds before; it will be interesting to see if it accelerates motor (in the body sense, not in the shop...) skills.

    Our Laura received a tricycle on her second birthday, which all experts deemed inappropriate as two year old lacked the motor skills to pedal. It was a task not possible until almost age three, yet she climbed aboard and pedalled the tricycle smoothly across the room.

    Lil Farmhand will still need to learn to pedal eventually...either on three or two wheels!

  7. Cool...very cool! Kathy (MGCC)

  8. all the little kids in Germany and other countries have these bikes. They are called "like-ee" bikes here and it's amazing to see the kids go on them!

  9. He looks so grown up on that bike... um strider. I can see that on gravel roads this would be easier.

  10. Such a neat idea...and I have a grandgirlie who will soon be old enough for a Strider. Well, she better get a little more steady on her feet first of all!

  11. That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. He is just growing too fast. I know you think that too.

  12. No! I've never seen anything like that. We just purchased a trike for the three-year old and a bike with training wheels for the four-year old. Interesting! Your little grand sure looks as if he's got it mastered.

  13. Thanks for sharing this! Cool!

  14. What is this? I must get one for my toddler when he reaches an appropriate age to use it! Teaching our other kids to ride bikes was never too much fun.

  15. Dear Lovella,

    We sometimes say in our home, when we come across 'new technology' and gadgets that catches our attention and surprises and amazes us.

    Must be Japanese(LOL!), I wonder if this could be the case as well(LOL!)?

    Well, in any case congratulations on your 'farm hand' learning to ride a bike! How exciting for him AND you all!

    Kind regards.


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