splitting scarves

After shopping for for a new thin scarf on Thursday with little success I decided to go home and revisit the scarves hanging lonely in my closet.

I buy scarves. . . and then wrap them around my neck .. .

re wrap them differently around my neck . ..

and because I'm in my year of jubilee . .

I get hot 10 minutes later and take it off.

The scarves for outdoor wear ..

I want warm.

The scarves that are fashion accessories . ..

I want cool.

I pulled out all my light colored scarves . . .

made a "split" second decision .. .

and sliced the first one up the center.

I put white thread in my serger. . .

and gave it a quick serge . . .

and after trying it on. . .

proceeded to divide them all.

All weekend long . . .

I've been wearing my scarves.

I'm not sure a fashion consultant would be convinced that they look better thin. . . .

but I'll tell her one thing. . .

they feel better thin.

So . . .I have a few dark colored scarves hanging in my closet . . .

and unless someone stops me. . .

they'll be split by noon today.

All for now. . .


  1. They look better to me split! :0) Too bad you don't have a twin sister...

  2. Look out...she has a serger and she's not afraid to use it!

  3. I think they look a lot better. Not as bulky. I need to get me a few of those!

  4. well isn't that a clever idea.....twin sister.....how about your all those sisters by love....like, mgcc, daughters by love your brothers wives the other sisters by love.....and so on and so forth...wink.

  5. I think the split idea is perfect. I'll trade you my halves for your halves. Re-gifting.....why not! I'm in my closet today for some de-cluttering so I will let you know what your choices are. I know the hot/cold issue....you saw me taking on and off all day Thursday. Kathy (MGCC)

  6. What a great idea! I think I'll go scarf shopping with someone who wants to split scarves with me. Half the price...twice the use. Have serger...will split!

  7. I'm with you!!! I like my thin ones, I lucked out, with the best. At this stage in my life I don't need something hot around my neck. I was wondering about those extra scarves too. Do I qualify for a twin sister?

  8. I'm not stopping you! They look great!

  9. Lovella the thin scarves are lovely, just right and I think, an improvement on bulky.

    Lovella you look like a young girl!


  10. Have scissors will use them...perhaps a new blog title for you?

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  11. Great Idea, Lovella!....and great fashion shots! You look like a model in the angled photo!
    I love the idea of splitting - but I don't have a serger and I am "straight seam challenged. Any one want to help out?

  12. They look great and I'm sure that they feel better. I may take to splitting scarves very soon myself.

  13. lovella you are too cute- loved this post!

  14. What a great idea. Besides finding thick scarves to be too hot, I don't have a long, swan-like neck, so a thin scarf would fit into that neck space much better!

  15. Genius! Now if only I had a serger... or any sewing skills at all, for that matter.
    I've certainly got the on, off, on, off down pat :)
    lol - the word verification is reclos

  16. This is obvious one for those crafty created women.
    They look much better and I think I will send mine down to your place...Maybe you have started a new fashion trend.


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