sitting up and sleeping over

Yesterday afternoon we popped in to see Kanneloni Macaroni show off her new trick.

Sitting pretty as picture just a few days shy of six months old . ..

she smiled and touched her toes . . .

while the thought crossed my mind . ..

all a wee baby girl needs is . . .

the love of her mommy and daddy . .

warm milk . .

and a safe place to lay her sleepy little head.

Since Kanneloni Macaroni opted to stay close to her mommy . .

we packed up the lil' farm hand and brought him to the farm for a sleepover.

While he tended to business from the comfort of his cushioned seat . . .

Grampa entertained him by building a little bed just right for his size.

After awhile . . .

he offered some practical help . .

and the bed would have been perfect had the box contained the slats to hold the mattress in place.

No matter . . .

as I tucked him into bed on his mattress on the floor . .

he snuggled down as I sang him Grammie's version of his Gute Nacht song . . .

and again the thought crossed my mind . . .

that all a little boy needs is . .

love . . .

some healthy food . .

and a safe place to lay his sleepy little head.

It made me wonder . . .

where our little Polynsky . ..

the small little boy that we began to sponsor when the lil' farm hand was born . .

who lives in Haiti rested his head last night.

I pray he is safe.

All for now . .


  1. Ohhhhh... So many connections to this little country.

    One never knows about can be just around the corner. Still we trust in a living God.

    Your little grands are darling and what beautiful profiles!

  2. I soo love being a Grammie too.

    I just adore this post on your grandchildren.. sweet and pure.

    I too look forward to the first sleepover with mine.

    Lovella.. thanks for the tip as to following the progression on the Mercury!!

    with love,


  3. The basic needs are really all that matter. I have been praying for the Haitians, young and old, for their safety, health, and that their basic survival needs are met.

    Your little ones are so precious. My little one, and his parents, are all under the weather this week. They, too, are in my prayers.

  4. i can't wait to be a gramma. i just wish i could convince one of my kids to get on board.

  5. In times like this we really learn to appreciate our basic needs and how well they are met...
    Praying for Haitians, too....

  6. Oh, we are so blessed to live in a country like this...that's all I could think about ....there must be so many little Polsynki's around.
    What a privilege to give those hugs and safe feelings to those little ones of yours.
    I love the new bed....Mine will stay in a crib till he is three...we made a consensus with his parents. Funny the first one was ready at two years old...They are all so different.

  7. I just looked at the front page of the Globe and Mail - the horror in Haiti, where few children have those basics right now. I'm glad to see that our government is going to match our contributions.
    I loved the photo of the little fellow helping his grampa. It made me think of my little grandson who loves to help, repeating "work, me" as he wields his toy tools.

  8. What have a sleepover with the Li'l Farmhand. And how sobering to think of all the wee farmhands in Haiti whose lives are in ruins. Let's hug ours a little tighter...and pray all the more for those hit by the earthquake.

  9. We've been praying too. I agree with Vee--we all live one minute from disaster.

    I am struck by how much Lil Farmhand looks like The New Boy!

  10. What a precious are one great Grammie and a blessing to your g'children.

  11. Pieces missing...we have experienced that too. I bought a new puzzle for the peeps not long ago and only 99 out of 100 were in the box.
    Looks like training is in progress....what a hoot!
    KM is such a little cutie! Love the earings. We both have little boys running through our homes this morning. We have been playing soccer already...grandpa is cooking breakfast. Have a GRAND time today:) Kathy

  12. My mom kept the crib up until our son was deeply into his third year of life.0 He made no bones about the fact that he was very mad at them when they finally took it down. He used to enjoy standing in it and looking out the window, which he couldn't do from a bed!

    KM is a beauty...looks so much like her mom.

    My prayer is that this disaster will ultimately lead to a better life for the Haitians as aid pours in and reconstruction takes place...and that many will turn their hearts to God because of the open witness of love from churches around the world.

  13. He's on the potty!!!!!!! One day you can use that as blackmail. ;)
    What beauties you have there.

  14. Their little needs are so great and yet, so few. You stated it beautifully. I know these two are so blessed with grandparents like the two of you. And yes, my heart aches for the people of Haiti. I just cannot imagine the total devastation of this little country.

  15. We too have a Haitian child and haven't heard yet whether she's safe or not...many prayers going up.

  16. a sweet post, Lovella... and yes... poor little Polynsky...where did he and how many others lay their weary heads last night?
    May the relief arriving help all in need.


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