Portzelky Fry 2010

(click here for Portzelky recipe)
For the last few years ever since our extended family has experienced rapid increase in numbers . ..it has become an ongoing question of where to have our annual Portzelky Feast on the 1st of January.
With the bungalow filled to capacity it fell to my beloved to host the party in his shop.
He washed the floor and put away all the dangerous equipment like band saws and went to borrow tables and chairs to set up.
He has been slowly decorating his shop on his own with the magazines and what not all . . .
he has collected over the years.

He set me up in his industrial kitchen welding corner.
He provided me with a camp stove and a good sturdy welding table and I was ready to go.

He arranged his seating area. . .

and I began the task of frying up the Portzelky that I made from 18 cups of flour.
My family takes their New Years Cookies very seriously.

The workbench served as the buffet table. . .

and I kept deep frying.
Every now and then my beloved came by for sample testing.
Occasionally I like to break one open to be sure it is cooked all the way through.
He is always willing to "take care" of the damaged Portzelky.

I had been bringing a few decorations from the house to make the shop look a bit more festive.
I bought paper plates and bowls for the soup that was being brought as part of the potluck meal.

Two crockpots full of soup . ..
a fruit platter . . .an apple platter with caramel and chocolate dips. . .
a veggie platter .. .
a cheese ball .. .
chips and pop ..
and goodies to boot . .
everyone shared in the work.
I kept a few Portzelky out of the basket to eat.
I had decided ahead of time what had emerged from my pot. .
and was pleased to hear they agreed.
Just so you know. .
next year the challenge will be put forth to post your best creations.
Everyone arrived .. .and I smiled as I noticed that the Grandpa's had their arms full of little children. It reminded me of my own Dad who was always walking a small child around at family gatherings. ..allowing the parents to eat a family meal in peace.

It was a casual event. . .
and I was relaxed and happy to see everyone having a good visit.

Not everyone could make it but we were still thirty one.
Next year. . .
we hope for a few more to enjoy the Portzelky Feast.
It isn't that hard to have a potluck dinner.
I had scarcely cleaned up this years event when I was already talking about how we could improve it for next year.

The little kids had a great time.

At the end of the evening .. .
I packed up lunch bags with Portzelky for everyone who wanted a treat the next day.
Traditions like this are worth a bit of effort. . .
They are my family after all.
All for now. . .


  1. You are gifted my friend! You can take and make anything functional and beautiful, all the while creating lasting memories for people you love. This is hospitality at it's finest including take home bags filled with next day treats. I think you and your husband are quite a team, and have a way of sharing warmth and joy with your fortunate family. I really like this post even though I never tasted portzelky.

  2. Wow, Lovella, that is Shop? How neat and clean! He should hire out
    and could clean ours up. It looks like a fun gathering for your family, and it is so nice for the two of you to do that each year. You had so much food, there would hardly have been room in a person's stomach for p.p.p... oliebollen is what we call them. Happy New Year. Dairymary

  3. Terry did a marvelous job converting his shop to a feasting hall! I wish our garage looked as clean and neat.

    I love family gatherings... especially when it's a potluck (or covered dish or whatever a family calls it).

  4. wow, what an event.. and great shots there.. thank you for sharing your life an special annual holiday's with us.

    Is the portzelky sorta like a hush puppy but sweeter? They look fabo and soo yummy. Got a reicpe for us?

    Happy New Years!

    with love,


  5. What a lovely fammily tradition. Looking at all the little ones in the photo I thought of how this tradition is sure to go on for many more years. Those little ones arent' just eating and playing - they're soaking up family tradition and memories.

  6. You're the hostess with the mostest! Am going to take a trip down memory lane for our wonderful big family events - memories are starting to fade! When I was young, in the old country, mom made something similar. I remember once dad eating so many - he had tummy issues the next day!

  7. It looks like the perfect venue for a portzelky party! Terry may be having to share his shop often in the future. You have a great tradition going on there...keep it up.

  8. What a very fun tradition! Love the shop venue!! Have a great week Lovella!

  9. I posted the Portzelky recipe right under the top picture. . .fry away everyone. You can add other things beside raisins. . like apples ..but we just do raisins . .its tradition.

  10. Who can take a shop and turn it into a dining hall? You can that's who! It looks as festive as can be and I can't imagine how you could improve too much. Now I am so curious about portzelky that I must check what it's all about.

  11. Terry's Auto Shop and Cafe. Hmmm..has a nice ring to it...and isn't it always a good idea to have a fall back career plan at the ready? I can see it all now...women yearning to dine on elegant food while men come to be in a manly setting while enjoying the delicacies.

    Brilliant party planning Lovella. Next year, perhaps a slideshow of family pictures could be projected during the festivities as well. Sound like a lot of work to put together, but after that it would just be adding new pictures as the family expands.

  12. Those are the events that take alot of work, but are so valuable and make lasting memories for the next generation. Each generation will do there way, as we have noticed...and I love how you did it in your shop.
    Creates community, simplicity and gives a real flare for country living...
    I loved the photo of those two Portzlekyu...Too funny.

  13. What a great time!!!! Wish I could have tasted your portzelkies!! the workshop makes a great place to host a big event -- maybe I could use one of those. :0

  14. Pretty well like I would imagine! Perfect place for a portzelky fry and large family. What a treat it is when hosts get creative about space and making everyone feel comfortable.. . And if New Years appeared in the summer, we could all party outside as well.

  15. Perfect place for your family to come together. Glad you had a good time. I ate my fair share of portzelky this year too. I plan on making another batch in afew weeks when all the kids and grands come for a visit. Kathy (MGCC)

  16. What a wonderful tradition! Your roomy, clean shop is perfect for large gatherings. I've been making your portzelky recipe for the past 3 new years and it's definitely a keeper. My sister and I have mastered the process - I used 6 cups flour this year, the batter seemed quite thin but they were the best ever. I use a candy thermometer and make sure the oil is between 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. As I fry them she takes them and brushes them with a thin icing glaze - so yummy!! This year our family got together for a soup meal and portzelky for dessert. Thanks for the great recipe so that we could start this tradition!

  17. I love the JOY you have in every post especially this one.
    The Joy of Family, a perfect day!


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