I grew up calling it pop.

Pop was only purchased on the very hottest of summer days and then we were each given one bottle out of the six pack carrying case.. .and then I fought with myself over drinking it while it was ice cold. . .or drinking it slowly to make it last.

I don't drink much pop these days.

I always keep Canada Dry Gingerale on hand to mix with punch ..

but if you see a straw in it .. on the coffee table ..

it only means one thing.. . .


I'll be back.

All for now .. .


  1. Same here...I gave up carbonated drinks about 6 years ago at my doctor's recommendation, yet the Ginger Ale (in those cute little half-sizes) comes out when someone's feeling under the weather. I'm wishing you well...and pray that you'll be back on your feet in no time!

  2. I grew up calling it pop in OH, but living in the south...well, that has changed things a little. Soda is word here:) Hope you aren't under the weather too long, get lots of rest!

  3. OH NO!!!! VEry sorry. i hope you are better soon.

    It was pop when I was young (perhaps because we lived in the north??). Ever since growing up it's been soda.

  4. Where I come from (TN) we call it Coke. It doesn't matter if it's the Coca Cola brand or not, LOL Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  5. Gutte Besserung! I hope you feel better very soon.
    When Grew up it was pop, whatever the brand.

  6. Oh ugh! Hope all is well soon. I'm still trying to get rid of the nasty cough...

  7. Oh Lovella, even though your post is cute... I know having the flu is not. I'm so sorry and I do hope you mend quickly.

  8. Thank you Canada, for Canada Dry!
    I never quite understood why it was called "dry" or "Canada" for that matter. But it is just the thing for mixing in or sipping when sickly.

    Hope you feel back to terrific super fast!

  9. Hope you can soon return to normal..
    I love pop!!but my waistline does not do well with it..
    As little kids we were only allowed Gingerale when we were sick...it's funny how those things stick with us.

  10. So sorry to hear that you are still on the couch! Ginger ale is perfect for sick days or hot summer days, but I use Sprite for mixing...cause that's what my mom used. Coke is my favorite pop, and growing up we would occationally share a big bottle as a family.

  11. So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling good. I too am thankful for Canada Dry, when I am sick. Oh, I do hope you are soon feeling much better. Surprising thing to me...you can still write quite well even if you are sick. Amazing.

  12. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Lovella.

    We always had ginger ale when we were sick too - and grapes.

    Sending love and prayers for a speedy recover!

  13. Ginger Ale was a special purchase when we were sick as kids. Otherwise 'pop' was a rare treat!
    Get well soon Lovella.

  14. This flu that is going around is not nice...it is making its round in Victoria as well.
    Take Care and hope you feel better soon.

  15. I've been in Canada so long I forget what I first called pop. Now I call it pop. Did I always? I do know this I called root beer, root as in the part of the plant that grows in the ground. And in the hot summer at the cabin we would sometimes go wild with a whole flat of Shasta pop.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. Oh dear. Drink up!
    Pop, soda, soda pop. So many things to call it.
    Hopefully you'll be on the mend soon.

  17. actually, COKE works the best for us to settle a stomach. we discovered this years ago - a suggestion from a German missionary nurse. that's all i drink or give to my family when the stomach becomes an issue. :(


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