I look at the face of our little Polynsky and wonder where he is.

I sit here looking at the empty form letter that had been sent for our "easy no excuse" response to the Christmas letter he sent us. I'm so sorry I didn't fill it out. .. and send him the picture that my beloved and I had taken with our grands. I could have pointed out his little birthday twin. . .the lil' farm hand. He surely would have liked to know that we picked him because he shared the birthday of our lil' farm hand.

I look more carefully now at the information sent to us. . ..and read now looking for more information that before I so quickly filed away. His mom and dad are employed as farmers . ..and I think that might be a good thing . . .perhaps they do not live in the city.

The news coverage is nearly too much. . .380,000 orphans before the quake .

Nearly 300 Americans families and 100 Canadian families that had been waiting to adopt now wonder where their children are.

So many families are waiting for such crucial news of the children they hope to bring home.

The part of the Compassion letter that really makes me ashamed is the prayer card.

It says. . .your PRAYERS are POWERFUL!

So often I forgot to pray for Polynsky. I meant to pray for each sponsor child while praying for it's Grand twin.

The whole reason we decided to sponsor one child for each grand with matching birthdays was to make a difference in a child's life. .and we only did half a job.

I look at the Bible Verses that they suggest . . .and my eyes stay focused on the verse for Provision

Philippians 4:19 . . I look it up ..

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

I'm praying now Polynsky. ..I'm praying now.

All for now. . .


  1. The news is reporting that Haiti received another strong earthquake this morning, a 6.1. I know the people of Haiti are terrified...and all we can do is pray and send whatever funds we can. I can't imagine what it's like to be in that situation. I cry every time I think about it.

    I do know that hundreds of Haitian orphans and evacuees have been airlifted to Central Florida...and they're expecting many, many more. Two families from KY were united in Miami this week with the young boys they were in the process of adopting from Haiti. Many drawn-out adoptions are being expedited because of this situation. There is positive news coming to us among the bad. I'm praying that little Polynsky and his family are safe.

    Even though we may be unable to help physically and/or financially, we can pray. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. And you can take comfort that the Lord Himself stands in the gap where you feel that you have failed. We all fail all the time. Haiti is such a small country with problems so huge. We all need to pray them in miracles bigger than anything we can imagine. How wonderful it would be to see revival break out there and spread around the world. I did see that some children are being flown out and given two year Visas. Hope that you will hear from your little one soon.

  3. God knows your heart, and that is what is important. He definitely "stands in the gap!" I

    Now is a the time to pray and ask for help for your litle guy and for the others just like him.

  4. This just brought tears this morning. I want to tell you I am inspired daily by your words and attitude. Thank you for your efforts and I, too, will say prayers for Polynsky...and every other child worldwide that might be suffering right now. Sheila

  5. I was going to pray and haven't and I am praying now too. Haiti hadn't recovered from the 2008 tsunami and MCC has been working in Haiti for 50 years. I know that is no excuse and I needed this reminder also. Thank you!

  6. For Polynski's and Madelyn's and on we go...what a blessing to hear you share this news Lovella.
    We need to keep praying passionately about these little orphans, and yet we need to pray that they can get the medical goods out there right now...so that they can save more people's lives....
    I'm thankful that God knows what is most important.

  7. One child at a time...we can make a difference. And to put a face and a name in front of us makes it somehow easier to pray...for all the Polynsky's of Haiti. Thanks for reminding us today.

  8. Oh Lovella...this hit so home for me. We too have a sponsored child in Haiti and haven't heard whether she's ok. She's just a little tike too. We've been praying for Haiti in general lately, but failed to name Bien Aime and her family specifically - but God knows our hearts, even though we fail sometimes...good thing He's in control and His power doesn't depend us.

  9. Our little boy's name there is Jordany, and I too have the same feelings of shame because I forget to pray for him... but we're praying now.

  10. We take the easy way too :-( Cara was always great about writing to our sponsored kids, but she got married and now it falls to us. Lando writes sometimes, but I am terrible about it. And then, remembering to pray... I do hope your boy is in the country. It is heartbreaking what has happened in Haiti - unimaginable even though we see in pictures. Yet many still praise God.

  11. I will pray for your little buddy as well. Two dear friends are sending their daughter's to Haiti for relief work. They are both in their early 20's --- would you join me in praying for them as well? I wish they could find Polynsky for you.

  12. Several years ago I chose children with one of the reputable Christian groups and one was from Dominica and one from another country in the Caribbean. I wanted one from Haiti but Haiti did not participate in the program. The child from the other country moved out of the district and the program and I lost tract of the one from Dominica. I received pictures and report cards from them and then we couldn't afford to keep them up. My heart just aches for those children.

  13. Such a tender and heart felt post...and such a great reminder for me to be vigilant in praying for our sponsor child in another country too. God has given us a great responsiblity as we have chosen to support these children. I'll pray for Polynsky and his family. Kathy (MGCC)

  14. A much needed reminder for our two Compassion children. Life gets so busy and hours so few, that it slips out of our minds. Even though our two are not in Haiti, the reminder was deeply appreciated. It must hurt you both to not know, and the pain that so many are facing today is unbelievable. You and the little guy will be in our prayers as we listen to the news each day.


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