office work

Yesterday after my beloved went out to do chores. . .

I went for my walk and then went to my office to get some work done.

At the end of the month .. .

there are bills to pay and reciepts to organize and staple to their bills.

Things were all fine and dandy until my stapler ran out of staples.

Can you find the staples in my drawer above?

I couldn't either.

I did find this note though . . .

Hmmm. . .

I recognize that handwriting.

It isn't mine.

After lunch I ran to town and found a drawer organizer with movable boxes.

An hour later. . .

voila. .

I put the note in a spot where I could easily see it . . .

and I went back to blogging.

On the weekend Stuart spent an afternoon setting up my new desk top computer.

The old one sounded like a freight train. . ..

the screen flickered like a neon sign. . .

and every time I attempted to load a picture. . .

it took a fit.

I'm good to go. .

It's all good here in the bungalow.

All for now. .


  1. There's nothing quite as inspirational to the writer as a newly organized desk with new equipment on which to write! (Perhaps now you should look into how Doc "writes" on his computer...he has a nifty little program that he trained to understand his speech patterns; he dictates and watches it type!)

  2. who created ur blog it was really beautiful

  3. Those drawers look great!! I love before and afters like that. Love that note, too. :0)

  4. Ooh what a nice office! And so very well-organized. Tell whoever wrote the note that I said so :)

    PS - a beautiful big screen - it must be so fun to view your pictures on that!

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  6. Oh phew! You had me nervous there for a minute. I really like your new desk organizer...any special location or just your local Office Supply?

  7. It all looks so peaceful and organized in your office...a great place to work. And the widescreen will enjoy that BIG time!

  8. Just peeking at the newly organized drawer is a mood lifting delight. Love drawer organizers! You got some beauties there!
    My 7th grade home ec teacher taught us to make organizers for our lingerie drawers out of shoe boxes-one for undies that were to be neatly rolled, one for bras and one for socks. I was hooked on drawer organizers for life.

  9. Where did you get a drawer organizer like that? Another great place to use them is in your make up drawer. I'm using an assortment of boxes or lids that don't necessarily match.

  10. The drawer organizer is made by Oxo Goodgrips. . .who also make `kitchen gadgets`.. . I found it at Homesense. . .

  11. You and I are on the same war path....our drawers and closets. Looks like we are both winning! I'm going room by room. How lucky you are to have Stuart to help you with your computer stuff. Wouldn't we all love that! Kathy

  12. I love that...In our house it would be me writing the notes...but that's OK...Our truck is absolutely sparking clean for our upcoming trip and I didn't even mention it once...
    Like you said, we all know each other so well and can now relax and tease each other in the most unusual ways.

  13. I must admit that I was thankful when I read that you were the one to write that note to yourself instead of someone else. I was also thankful that you shared the before and after pictures. That makes you more "real" and helps me to realize that even though the neatness characteristic of personality comes through quite clearly in your posting, that you still do have some messy drawers. Good idea for an organizer,and quite a nice computer. We can't wait to see the next posts.

  14. Love this. I just organized my spice cabinet. You've inspired me to move on to the desk drawers!

  15. Oooh. I just love organizing a messy drawer... if only you can keep it that neat! Stuart to the rescue again... he's good at that.

  16. Oh you girls are so inspiring - Aound here there see to bejust too many projects and not enough time! I know, I know, it's all about priorities.
    The drawer looks good Lovella - how long does it stay that way? (smile)

  17. looks good - but i notice you're a little low on paper clips :)

  18. Hey that monitor looks familiar - same as mine! Isn't it great? I like your little comfy corner... Thanks for the peek into your before and after drawers - looking good. Inspiring! Now I feel like doing mine!


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