On Wednesday evening .. .

the few of us that live in one town ..

commuted to visit with a few more that live in another town ..

to watch a movie that had been highly recommended . .

by many of our friends .. to each of us . . .many times.

When your friends see a movie and they say. . .

you need to see the movie. . .

and they say they see you in it. . .so to speak. .

your curiosity gets the better of you.

So . .we did . .

and yes . ..I saw the parts that made the movie recommenders laugh. .

at the movie and at me . . .

and I laughed too.

Judy treated us all to a wonderful girls night of yummy snacks.

She made the wonderful Sun dried Tomato Pesto Torte that I'll be making regularly.

Marg brought a large .. .large .. bun mixing pan of buttered popcorn.

Later we enjoyed a fruit platter and because we missed the girls who live in the prairies. . .

she served Charlotte's Maple Twists which even brought her husband out of his study.

I'm thinking we should change our name from mennonite girls can cook .. .

to mennonite friends can cook. . .

because now we are.

All for now. .


  1. I seen that movie too and I couldn't understand a thing she cook. They was no grits, no hamhocks, no bacon, no nothing Rondell familiar with.

  2. Hi Lovella,
    Thanks again for the ride! I needed an evening like that... even if to laugh at our own vanity . . . but knowing that everyone has a need to be understood.

  3. Can't help but smile seeing Judy and Marg there holding their cameras ready to snap away!! Fun times! The perfect movie for this great group to watch together!!

  4. I noticed the cameras at the ready in the pictures too. If "the girls" had to chose, would it be cooking or photography as a hobby? I mean beyond the usual "Feed the Family" and "Record Family and Vacation pictures" type stuff.

  5. I like Mennonite Friends can cook! Just wondering if Mennonite men cook and not just the girls, lol! I know my son-in-love does!Sounds like a movie I might like too!

  6. First of all, don't change the name. Ha! But I love, and can see, why you are all friends. What a loving group of supportive women with a wonderful ministry!

    (I laughed at this movie, too, and felt more of a connection with the blogger than I did with Julia Child for all the obvious reasons. We are a funny bunch, I guess.)

  7. I like the new name!

    I'm smiling about the camera-in-hand photo. It seems I'm always holding a coffee mug...or a camera. They're both good!

  8. It's fun to be a regular for having some extra spice in our life...
    Thanks Lovella for giving us this wonderful opportunity to work and play together...
    Isn't that how they used to do it?

  9. I liked that movie too:) I thot Meryl Streep did a great job! My girls and I have been talking like Julia Child for a few days now:) Found your blog thru Anneliese, and will be back! The pic of the ladies with their cameras, priceless!

  10. SO FUN!!! I'm so glad you did that. A group of us ladies from church and a few tag along friends went to see it in the theater when it came out. It was a blast!!!! We went to starbucks to discuss it afterward. My mom saw it first with her cousin and her cousin sent mom home with a string of pearls and some earings from her jewelry box for me -- so now I have my very own "Julia pearls". Michael was convinced to watch it with me (I think it was Christmas Eve) and fortunately he didn't mind it too much (he's not into chick flicks). He said he was glad I liked to cook too. :)

  11. The wind blew us in the front door that evening. It really was so fun to be together and just hang out, laugh and eat. A must do again thing. Kathy

  12. PSSSTT! just me your new header. Kathy

  13. What fun that must have been!

  14. We were with friends last week for several days and decided to rent the movie to watch on New Year's Day. Even our husbands sat and watched the movie...and enjoyed it! That certainly surprised me!

    Perhaps there's a cookbook... followed by a movie?... in the MGCC's future?

  15. This post made me wish that I would live close by to all of you. What a fun group to be with and what a beautiful, gifted hostess. I am looking forward to seeing that movie someday. Looks like you all had so much fun. Thanks for sharing this.

  16. hi...just found you and signed up to follow. love your blog!

  17. What fun...what a feast even a movie night can produce with you women! I too saw the J and J movie....not such a great fan of the movie as a production but it was sure something to identify with. Many at work saw me in the role of the blogger....I only saw the 'flops' and messy kitchen as similar...grin! Waiting for the MGCC movie too! Have you decided what stars would play what part? Grin and double grin!

  18. Dear Lovella,

    Thanks for sharing your outing at your friend's house. I am not a tv person so to speak, but, it's very nice to gather with people/friends that you have things in common and just catching up. Glad to see you had such a good time.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards.


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