We've learned a thing or two since the lil' farm hand has been coming to visit.

We've learned the German word "Malen".

I looked up the direct translation which really means "painting" .. .

but hey . . . we're not about to point out the difference between painting and coloring to the little artist.

They just make us laugh these two year old grands of ours.

Already at their young age we can see that one could possibly become a starving artist .. .

and the other two year old could possibly become a star softball player .

One is determined to keep the "malen" within the lines .. .

and the other one can throw a ball straight as an arrow . .

and if you don't pay attention .. .

you'll get it straight between the eyes ..

every time.

I had considered doing what my mom always did with her grands artwork gifts. . .

putting it up on the fridge for all our visitors to the bungalow to admire . ..

and then it struck me. .

this grammie has a bigger audience than that.

A budding artist for your enjoyment. .

and perhaps a new word to add to your German Vocabulary . . .

Malen. Use it in a sentence today.

Have a wonderful weekend .. .

and come Monday for more chit chat on balancing life.


  1. Your blog is not only inspirational and motivational, it's also educational!! Have a wonderful weekend, Lovella!

  2. I like learning new words! I'd also love to sit and color with that budding artist! :)

  3. What fun to color with the grands! I'll try that new word on Willow today when we walk...

  4. Oh yes! Good idea! We are often gifted with such and I have decided that there'll be no more refrigerator art. Instead, I think I may take pictures and make them into wee little magnets or something. Ha! Your little grand is so cute and he is very serious about his work.

  5. I remember that word well! When our son was a toddler we were the only English-speakers in a small German village. M Went to a German kindergarten, where malen meant colouring. He spoke German as well as English - the young are so flexible in every way.
    I love the thought of the blogspot being a huge cyber fridge displaying children's art and whatever else captures one's fancy.

  6. Lovely post! You're documenting such fun memories of being with the grands!

  7. That two-year-year old is a who colours inside the lines! That will be a good trait...for an artist or an athlete.

    I remember that me it meant 'to draw'.

    Good concept...blogging is a cyber fridge!

  8. means to draw, or to color! ... who's german are you questioning anyway? :)

  9. Dearest "guess who"? thanks for the chuckle this morning. . .and for the clarification. . .crazy online translator devices.

  10. The whole time I was thinking . .. I grew up thinking it means to draw ... like draw a house and a tree... and then I realized that by the time I was painting anything I would not have called it by the German word... but that is what it means as well. I think if you want to portray (demonstrate)something you would say vormalen.

  11. Isn't it fun to watch each of them developing interests and skills. He speaks German and English and colors in the lines...such a cleaver little lad...and so cute! I like the 'clean' idea of putting the art work here instead of on the fridge usually has GRAND art displays. I like Vee's idea of magnnets! Kathy (MGCC)

  12. Guten Morgen My Freund...
    Die konnen gut malen. Die kleine Kinder sind wie kleine Engelchen...

    Veleicht solten wir einem Deutschen Blog machen.
    Wir wunschen ihr einem Guten Tag.

  13. Displaying these treasured pictures on your blog is a much better choice than your refrigerator. He is doing a great job of staying within the lines on the pictures. I agree with you, there is so much joy to be had by keeping these little grands. Tonight we are babysitting the twins.

    Looking forward to your next blog post(as I always do).

  14. What sweet art from your sure to be an artist!


  15. You are right your audience is bigger. Love all those things the littles do. I would love to color with him too.

  16. I never learned 'malen' from my German grandparents. The words I learned best were the ones they used when they didn't want us understanding what they were saying in front of us!


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