double date day

Our weather yesterday couldn't have been more perfect for a January outing.
A very long overdue and long planned day together finally came together.
Kathy and S. came for breakfast at 8:30 and soon after we were on the road.
Our first stop was LaConnor Washington.
The guys moved from the bench in front of one store to the bench in front of the next store. . .
and crossed the street back and forth following a safe distance behind.
After a shared lunch at Seeds. .a wonderful little restaurant we made a quick stop at Camperworld .. .the one stop shop for RV trinkets.
We covered them all .. .
Target. . .Fred Meyer .. and lots of fun shops in Fairhaven.
Two couples. . .
great friends . . .
guys catching up on months of what each other has been up to. . .
and the girls trying on clothes and giggling in the change rooms.
Mexican food for dinner. . .
a belated birthday celebration for Kathy. . .
and a quick stop at Macy's. . .
it really was the perfect day.
The only thing that has changed in the last thirty years of friendship . .
is that now instead of us needing babysitters. . .
we make sure someone is not needing us to babysit.
From being young mom's to now grandma's. . .
our conversations are much the same. .
just a generation removed.
All for now. .


  1. Looks like it was a fun day!

  2. It sounds like you guys had the bestest day! I'm smiling at the mention of 'not needing sitters...just checking that we aren't required to sit'.

    Seeds...that's our favorite lucnh spot in La Connor.

  3. It's easy to see why you describe this as a "perfect" day. Do you know how many perfect days you enjoy in a year? Lots and lots! Amen!!

  4. Looks like a fabulous day in Washington. I miss my Fred Meyer when I'm in southern California. I love how I learn so much about Washington from Canadians!!

  5. is that now instead of us needing babysitters. . .

    we make sure someone is not needing us to babysit

    Love that line! Make the most of these years...and hope that one day no one will be needing to "baby sit" you...again. Ah...the circle of life.

  6. Another one in a string of perfect days - I think it's a combination of attitude, opportunity and openness to having fun - knowing when to seize it all, as you and your husband do.

  7. It was a perfect day...wasn't it! Thanks for treating us to fresh cinnamon buns and fruit at your place before we headed out, and then treating us to supper. Loved the change room giggles, poking in and out of shops and lots and lots cf chatter. I loved how you mentioned our needing sitters and now checking our calendars to see if we are the sitters. I'm glad you had your camera!

  8. Sounds like a 'perfect double date'. And you are soo right, the only things that change between the roles of mother or grandmother are external... the inside is just the same, (only better!smile)

  9. I like that about the only thing that has chaganed in the conversation is that it's a generation removed. Isn't that so true?

  10. I value over and over the true friendships that have lasted so many years...It just gets better. We don't have to sit and figure out things anymore...We can all be who we are and accept our differences...

    I love how you said, the men moved from bench to bench...That sounds so typical.
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. A day with old friends - shopping, eating, giggling, talking, celebrating - such fun!

  12. what a nice trip! i wish i was there!

  13. What a wonderful post. My friends I grew up with are scattered all over. Some have passed away. I enjoyed hearing about your fun day.

  14. SO FUN!!! We used to do this with a couple in Scotland who were 45 years our senior! :) It was still just as much fun. The poor men waited while the ladies went in every charity shop we could find. And there were always stops for tea at a cafe.

    bTW, the recipe box I inherited from my grandmother looks JUST LIKE your MIL's.

  15. The thought of your fellows moving from bench to bench was too funny!
    How nice that you take the time to nurture this friendship. As the world seems to speed up, I think that it's friendship that helps us slow down and enjoy life.
    Are your ears burning? I'm making your Coconut Cake and Cake of Genoa for a shower tomorrow - pictures on my blog in a few days!


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