the color blue

If you are one of my long time readers you will remember the day the Merc came to the farm to have a make over from a stock 1950 Mercury pickup to a Rod.
It's been almost three years.
Before Christmas it was ready to go to the body shop. . .
it was all in pieces with the final body work to be done by the professionals.

Yesterday it came home with a shiny new coat of blue paint.
We walked around it. .
looking at it in the different light.
We think it suits it perfectly.
While the truck will not be stock we wanted a color that was retro and fitting within the era it was built.

He called me to help him get it off the trailer.
My job was to make sure it wasn't going to hook up on anything as it came down the ramp.
My job was also to move the blocks a little at a time that were in front of the back wheels.

An inch at a time and slowly it was off and into the shop. .
where it will spend the next few months.

My girl friend Jill emailed me to see if we had taken it for a spin.
No . .no spin yet.
The next job is wiring. .
and then exhaust. .
the interior and upholstery ..
and then new wheels.
I'm sure there is more but that is all I've been told.
I'm on a need to know basis.
Surely by summer I'll go for a spin . .
All for now. .


  1. That color is incredibly gorgeous! What an awesome truck! :)

  2. What a project! The Great Dane wold be quite in awe, I'm sure!

  3. Great shade of blue! Before long it will be spinning....down the country roads. That will make a nice picture! I can see it already.

  4. Guy who drive blue trucks are said to be steady and reliable.

    Yup..that color fits Terry to a "T"!

  5. What a fabulous blue! You two will look great tooling down the highway later this summer!

  6. Pretty blue! That has been quite a project. It will be really fun for you two to go for drives. Kathy

  7. What a great color...I told you that Blue was my favorite..Now I sure hope that we can make a party around that truck and call it the Calendar Girls....

  8. What a great new project there!!!

    Can I ask that you do progressive photos of the 'wip'? I'd love to see them as this project unfolds.

    Awesome color too.

    with love,

  9. Perfect color choice for this good looking truck. One envious husband lives here. Can't wait to see it when it is finished. What an accomplishment!

  10. It looks gorgeous! But I'm beginning to wonder .. is it easier to raise a child or a truck?
    I'm sure there is much joy in the process! smile


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