where I walk

October 15 the treadmill was moved to the corner and the decorating began.

My mom by love .. packed up her Dickens Christmas Village and it came to spend Christmas holidays at the bungalow.

Playing Sunday School Songs and other children's favorites have become most entertaining with necessary stops to view different aspects of the goings on of the village folk.

The village dogs receive countless encouragements to bark louder.

I am amazed at the imagination of a two year old.

The nativity scene gained the Inn this year.

The angel who merrily sings Away in the Manger . ..

as often as her head gets a bop . ..

has had her work cut out for her this season.

The fake snow .. .continues to fall onto the ground.

A wee finger here and there. .poking the horse to make him pull a bit harder . .

. .another week and a half and it will be all over.

My vacuum hose will be back to sucking up .. .

boring crumbs instead of a stray sparkle. . .

and the treadmill and I will become reacquainted once more.

Ah . .tomorrow. .the place we sit and nap before bedtime and then it's out the door.

All for now. . .


  1. I've enjoyed the wonderful tour of your home Lovella. Thank you!

  2. Like Betty R said...I've enjoyed the tour, too! You're a marvelous hostess!

  3. I agree! You have a beautiful home! :)

  4. You and Judy and your treadmills - no wonder you have such energy. I might have to get one too!
    This year our nativity scene has been moved to a place out of reach of tiny hands - we'll be lifting them up for those looks and controlled touches, at least for this year and next.

  5. Thank you so much for the tour of your home (didn't I see a woodburning stove in one of your pic's somewhere? that wasn't in the tour?) Everything looked perfect... you amaze me with your creativity!

    I look forward everyday to reading your blog. You are an inspiration.

    Blessings to you and your family and Merry Christmas!

  6. JeanneRos .. .the fireplace will give you a bit of warmth as you walk out the door tomorrow.

    One more day of tour .. .
    Thank you everyone!

  7. Again I see things I missed on my first home tour! I'm smiling as I see your beautifully decorated walking room...as compared to the starkness of our bonus room, where I now walk.

  8. It's been so much fun to see your cottage all done up for Christmas Lovella. I just bought that little nativity set for a baby shower last week. I think it is so darn cute!

  9. I like seeing the decor through the eyes of the little ones . .. the poking and the prodding and questions. You are so blessed to have those moments with them.

  10. The memories that have been made with wee ones fingers and voices will enrich your future decorating for years and years.

    I loved the picture of you and your three men. Weren't you the clever girl to choose a handsome man to marry, and then create a couple more good looking guys to serve as perfect scenery in your photographs. As the saying goes...a handsome man by her side is a woman's best accessory.

  11. Beautiful! I just found your blog via MGCC and am I glad. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  12. What a beautiful portrait of your great looking family! You are very gifted in so many areas and you use that to glorify the Lord! Merry Christmas!


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