turning two

Lil' Farm Hand. . .

today you are TWO!

You have changed from a baby to a boy.

There are so many things I love about you.

I love the way you laugh from your tummy . . .just like your Daddy.

I love the way you've mastered drinking out of a big cup. . .like you've done it your whole life.

I love the way you love your Grampa. .

I always knew you would. . .he is pretty fun.

I love how you talk only German at your Omi' and Opa's house. .

but do us the favour of speaking mostly English . . .here.

Grampa especially appreciates that.

I love how you love your little sister.

She's learned to enjoy your bear hugs..

I love the way you do all the actions to the songs we sing . . .

and shout out the important words.

I pray you will always believe the words of your favorite Song . . .

My God is so BIG (arms high). .

He's so strong and so Mighty (making muscles with your arms) . .

there's nothing my God can not do (as you shake your finger with conviction) .. .

for YOU (pointing at me) . .

The mountains are his (arms above your head touching hands). . .

The rivers are his (fingers wiggling in front of you) .. .

The stars are his handiwork too (fingers above your head punching little stars)

My God is so Big. .He's so strong and so Mighty. . there's nothing my God cannot do!

Mostly though. . .

I love you just because you are you.

I had nearly forgotten how fun little boys can be.

Lots of love from Grammie . ..


  1. In two weeks our two year old and his nearly-one-year-old brother will arrive from Ontario. These little fellows are, unbelievably, more fun than their daddy - or perhaps its that this Nana is more relaxed than she was years ago! Happy Birthday to your little farmhand - have fun Grammy!!!

  2. Happy birthday to your lil farmhand...where did 24 months go? He sounds like one terrific two-year old!

    I'm laughing at Pondside's comment...that grands are more fun than their parents were. She may just be right...or else we are more fun than we once were.

  3. We're celebrating a birthday today too! Then the last of the little girlies turns two soon - two-year-olds are so much fun!!! Have a great day with the little ones.

  4. Happy Birthday to the li'l farmhand! I can hardly believe how the time has flown by!

  5. He is so wonderful. I just love that little lad!

  6. So sweet! How wonderful to have this great joy in your life. :0)

  7. Such a beautifully written post! You are truly blessed to have such a big part in seeing this little guy grow. Birthdays are a perfect time to reflect on the blessings and give thanks. I love watching you be a Grammie.

  8. The years slip by quickly. I love watching how you enjoy them at each stage...Cute pictures...
    And I hope that Grammy and Grampa can keep up with all those wonderful events.

  9. A Big Happy Birthday to the Lil' Farm Hand... and a sweet post for him to read a few years from now.

  10. Joining in all the warmest birthday wishes! With a delightful little man like that I doubt there will be anything terrible in his twos! Love that chorus and walked down my own memory lane! A beautiful loving post!

  11. awwe. thanks for loving our little boy the way you do!

  12. Awww - he's adorable. I had forgotten that song. It was a great favourite with our littles.

    A very Happy Birthday to your wee boy.


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