the sewing closet

Once I had the visitors in the door. .

I directed them straight away to the sewing closet.

Perhaps I felt this was my biggest challenge and where it all began.

I spent days making the ribbons for the chairs and garland. ..

and you may also remember me sewing aprons during nap time here.

I sewed up a little apron for grandgirlie with the leftover fabric and left it in the sewing machine for "demonstration" purposes.

I removed everything that did not come under the "Christmas color" requirement ..

and left the red and green rick rack . .threads and even the future Mennonite Girls Can Cook pot holder giveaways.

My friend Becky lent me a beautiful green velvet dress that she had made for her daughter years ago. . .it matched the greens perfectly.

The rest of the sewing room "stuff" was boxed up and sent to have holidays in the garage.

I said as I sent it out. . . ."you can be the focal point for my "Easter open house" when pastels are the feature". .

Tomorrow Oops I mean Monday. . .the bathroom that kept wanting out of the tour.

All for now. .


  1. Just getting caught up with the blogs I read. My computer has been out of commission. Love love your decorations and that cake looks good enuf to eat. What a clever idea to dry out a cake first for decoration only.
    AND I LOVE YOUR SEWING AREA!! how cute is that!!! I wish my spot was so organized and I actually have some aprons to sew too...
    Thanks for sharing your pics!!!

  2. That's the prettiest sewing closet I've ever seen! I wouldn't have thought to open it up and have it decked out for the thinking would have been to close it up and hide everything! The grandgirlie's apron and Becky's daughter's dress are so pretty, too!

  3. What a pretty sewing closet - staged for Christmas, but I'll bet it's a tidy place all year round. If it were mine, the Great Dane would have to put his back against the doors to force them shut!!
    I'm loving this house tour.

  4. What a great Sewing Closet! It really looks festive Lovella. So charming...

  5. The sewing closet blew me away...
    Now we know why it looked so perfect.
    But once again, you added all those special pieces that had such meaningful memories..
    I can't wait to see that bathroom once again, in the light of your eyes.

  6. What a delight for the eyes! Beautiful tour!

  7. I was trying to explain this little nook to Kari. . . not being able to imagine the work involved! I'll have to show her the picture!

  8. You know I giggled when I saw only red and green thread diplayed. It is such fun to do up a work zone in holiday colors.

    I tried to suggest that the public library only display their red and green covered books during the holiday season...but they just couldn't get with the concept. Maybe next year...

  9. How fun, Lovella! Your sewing closet is delightfully full of Christmas red and green. It's very pretty.

  10. So cute!! You definitely have decorating panache!

  11. What I want to know is where is your real sewing room? This is too cute to eactually work in!

  12. Lovella ~ How beautiful your home is!

    Just love all of it (took the tour of all your posts)
    You have the gift of hospitality!
    Blessings for all the JOYS of knowing God is Among us ~

  13. My comment when I saw your sewing corner on tour day? "My sewing room NEVER looked like THAT !!"
    I felt a little better when you said yours hadn't either! smile.. It is very beautifully decked for the holidays, and was my favorite spot in your house.

  14. I think I'd like my craft room to look like this. :) But I've no place to "remove" things too. what a beautiful job you've done!!!


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