rush to relax

Last week one day we rushed off for one night to relax.

A quick look online for a deal . . .

one free afternoon and evening on the calendar . ..

and a rapidly packed swimsuit suitcase swimsuit.

It drizzled nearly the whole time we were there . . .

but we were wet anyways. .

so we didn't care a speck.

The drive there and back was as pretty as a calendar.

The hotel was decorated with lovely trees everywhere we walked.

The next morning we went and sat in the hot pool once more ..

and then enjoyed a lovely brunch.

It pays to sometimes check for Internet deals.

I'm happy to be home for Christmas .. .

but I sure enjoyed tasting what it might be like to have Christmas away.

All for now. . .


  1. Thank you for the very relaxing moment with your pictures! The pool looks oh so inviting and your mountain picture is beautiful!

  2. What a lovely treat!!! And everything (including the drive) was so beautiful.

  3. Oh what a wonderful idea. Our daughter and family always take their vacation the week after Christmas. His work will only allow him to go during the winder. I makes for a wonderful break in the winter and helps zero on the important things. Blessings

  4. It's nice to escape once in a while and let someone else take care of things for you.

  5. There is nothing so rewarding as to share a quiet time away. You chose the best spot, even in the rain.
    Yes, I agree...check the internet.

  6. What a great idea. I love winter deals at hotels, etc. Blessings...

  7. I'm taking a deep all looks quite relaxing! I love that place...the great escape.

  8. Hello there! I found your blog while I was visiting Annie Jones over at Living Life Real. She follows Mennonite Girls Can Cook and through that blog, I found this blog! Wow! You have such a beautiful blog and I enjoyed reading your posts. I am now your newest follower!

    Have a blessed day! :)

  9. I love your spontaneous approach to life. I also really appreciate that you take time to share it with us. Little breaks like you add can add joy and refreshment to this busy time of the year. Looked like a beautiful place to visit.

  10. Glad you could get away. The hotel lobby looks so pretty. Kathy

  11. I'm happy for you too! You inspire us all to take the time for that important alone time... away from distractions.

  12. Gorgeous! It warms my heart to hear of such romantic times! Bless you!


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