on the third day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas .. .my true love said to me. . . "I don't smell no turkey" . .

and so I opened the freezer. .

pulled out a frozen stuffed bird. . .

tossed it in a pan .. added a cup of water every hour or so since it tends to keep its juices to itself .. . . . . . .and started the brunch.

Six hours later .. .

turkey with all the trimmings was served.

It tastes remarkably delicious and the leftovers were divided up with great care.

I noticed this year that being five months old . . . is perhaps the best time in a girls life.You are encouraged to put your feet up. . to nap willy nilly . . and you are given great cheers for giggles.

When you begin to fuss at five months old. . .
you are encouraged to disrobe for greater comfort . . .
and the softness on the thighs is considered cuddly and patted with affection.
In the afternoon . . .after the grands were settled for their naps . . the grown ups voted unanimously on opening gifts for each other in a manner of calm and peacefulness.

It is amazing how long it can take two gifts each to open when it's all about savouring the moment
We enjoyed the process of giving and watching the recipient . . . receive.

When the grands woke finished resting . . .
we made them take one gift at a time from the family room to the living room to open.

They found this task increasingly more exciting with each trip.

Children really don't need a lot of fancy things.

A new pair of pajamas . . . some new socks and underwear . . .a new book .. .a puzzle and

a fire engine for the lil' farm hand and a dolly high chair for grandgirlie . . .

and they were all smiles.

Yesterday I took down the very brittle .. .

rather drab looking Christmas tree.

I'm leaving the rest up until after the new year.

It won't all be boxed up though . . .

it's winter after all and the "wintery" decorations will keep the bungalow cheery until spring.

All for now...


  1. I'm curious about your frozen stuffed turkey...did you stuff and freeze it, or did you purchase it that way?

    I'm afraid my poor ol' dried out tree will be leaving this evening, too. It served it's purpose well. :)

  2. Our tree is lasting remarkably well - and it smells so delicious. Hardly any needles falling yet. So I'll keep it up until after the New Year.

    Very astute observations about the little girl :) I wonder why that has to change??

    We did the same with our grown up kids - opening them one at a time - oohing and ahing. Fun!

  3. We let our grands open their gifts first and of course since they were all handmade and personalized there was a lot of crying and reminiscing and hugging and showing them all around. They then all go to another room to do they own things and the adults have some time to enjoy each other. We then play that Chinese game and sometimes the gifts can be kind of raunchy. However, this year they were all nice desirable gifts. Happy New Year to you and yours dear Lovella

  4. Yep that's the life for sure for a girl at 5 months!! My poor old dried up tree was a fire hazard so it got tossed on Sunday...

  5. I hear rumors that when you are old and wear purple, as in the poem, you can get away with that kind of stuff too. Or when you turn 90...which ever come first. Soemthing to look forward to!

    What is up with the dry trees this year? Please...don't say global warming.

    Mine is crispy too, but I really wanted to leave it up until 12th night. (I did plug in the lights a week before Christmas and never turned them off again...probably shouldn't have done that...a lazy habit acquired during our Texas artificial tree years!)

  6. What fun to catch the little glimpses...thank you. And I loved the comments about five-month olds. Your grands are beautiful!

  7. Can I be 5 months old again ?? Sounds like a perfect life!! I giggled as I read....
    Your Christmas sounds perfect!
    I didn't get any turkey this year yet...(since the kids asked for something else) I think I'll make one for New Years.

  8. No, Lovella, you are right. :) I AM kidding with that bump. I saw the "fake bump" in the dressing room and had to put it on. It's mostly a joke against all my local blog friends because I get asked frequently enough if I'm as big as I should be (I don't get that big). I'll probably post the truth tomorrow. :) my mom and sister and I were hysterical in the dressing room and I thought it was a good joke. :)

  9. I too am curious about the frozen stuffed turkey...how exactly is that done to be 'food-safe' and all?

    So true...every girl should be allowed the perks of a 5-month old on occasion...a retreat of sorts!

    Thanks for sharing a few glimpses of your family Christmas.

  10. What a wonderful way to share with those little ones...I think I need to reorganize that a bit more next year. I love the idea of waiting for their nap times...and opening them one at a time is the best.
    Those tiny tots add so much spice in our lives.
    I like the idea about being simple in your giving...

  11. Sounds like a wonderful time was had in your bungalow once again ...

    Ha - my word verification is haliesse

  12. We are also of the opinion at our house that opening gifts one at a time is really more fun because we can enjoy the giver's expectations and the recipient's excitement for each present.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  13. I am very concerned... I read your blog every day but have seen nothing since December 30th. I hope you are ok?

  14. JeanneRos. . yes I am still here. I have posted everyweek day as I normally do. How odd. Try typing my url into your search engine or look in google to see something new. I hope you figure out the problem .and thank you for asking after me.


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