the office

Several women came back to ask me details about the office.
I'm asking myself details about the office.
One question that has me totally stumped. .
Where did I put the little packet of moose clothespins that my friend Linda lent me to hang up Christmas Cards?
If they jumped into your pocket .. .and wondered later how they ended up in your bungalow. . .please send them to Linda's house.
I am of course kidding. . but it really has me stumped.
I can't find that little packet anywhere. . .
I'm sure I'll find them yet. .
but who knows when.
I was thinking of bringing her a new bag of clothespins to hang up her Christmas Cards.
Do you think she'd notice how big they are if I paint them red?

I stuffed an old tool caddy that had been Terry's grandfathers. . .
full of gift tags and that is where I told my dearest friends that they could pick up their Christmas mail as they walked through.
(maybe they misunderstood and thought I said .. .pick up your Christmas moose when you walk through)
Each and every time that a familiar face walked through the doors . . .
I was so excited . . .it was very special of so many to take the time to come.

I found an old packet of stencils.

It brought back memories of us taping the stencils to the window and using a bit of fake snow to add festivity to our windows growing up.

I think the paper stencil packet lasted my whole childhood.

Things were not wasted back then. I wonder if we ever used the word disposable or recycled?

We could have sold a few of these cabinets. I think there may be a few of them under Christmas trees for husbands for Christmas.

I of course told them we bought it at I-you know-where-Kea.

My beloved has another exact cabinet with additional collected cars in his shop.

I asked him very kindly if he would mind bringing all the Christmas colored vehicles into the house and take the unChristmas colored ones out to the shop.

He did. . .he's that sort of guy.

(as I write this post .. .at 8:40 pm Thursday evening . .he is putting my winter wheels and tires on my vehicle.)

I set up a little gift wrapping center.

The wooden Butter Box held ALL the Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree when I was growing up. My mom had a very specific way of putting everything carefully away. . it always fit.

One of the old wooden Christmas Orange boxes fits rolls of ribbon perfectly.

The display was actually a bit messy looking. ..but .. . trust me when I wrap gifts for real .. .it looks much worse.

The bookshelf is nothing to write home about.

I need a few more bookshelves this size.

There is no room in the bungalow for more bookshelves.

I was determined to have a picture of my mom and dad somewhere in my Christmas decorations.

So much of what I have. . and the things that are dear to me are connected to them.

They've been celebrating Christmas in heaven for sometime already.

If I had a nickel for every time I thought of my mom while I decorated. . .

it would have been a heavy piggy bank.

It's Friday. . .the tour will resume on Monday.

Monday. . .my bathroom.

All for now. .


  1. I must share with you what stood out to me in this post, was the loving facts and emotions that you shared about your mother. Sometimes, we as mother need to be reminded of just how valuable our input is, and you did just that. Think how blessed her heart would be if she could read what you wrote today. I thought she must have been a very tidy, organized person just from all my visits to this blog. You paid her a kind tribute and I know you must miss her so very much over the holidays. Oh, and by the way, I did not pick up your clothespins on my visit, but I am going to use your gift wrapping organization box.

  2. I can totally visualize what the room will look like when real wrapping begins. Another fun decorated room. I guess they are threatening us with snow on Sunday here in Western Washington...time will tell. I better stock up so I can just sit at home by the fire :0)
    Stay warm!

  3. I certainly hope those meece (mooses? moosum? moosez?) show up soon so that you can return them!
    I'll be calling The Great Dane in to look at that office - do you think ours could ever look like that...even for a house tour?

  4. Neat office do you do that?? lol
    I know your Mom would have loved to stand beside you as you welcomed people into your home..I'm sure you felt her presence in your heart! She would be so proud of you..

  5. Very touching post! What a blessing!

  6. Our mothers live on in us...the older I get, the more I see it. Nice tribute to your mom.

    I have a very large bonus room table where I do my wrapping...and I tend to use all that space. I'm thinking your office would not be quite so tidy on gift-wrapping day!

  7. The sentecne about if you had a nickel for every time you thought about your mom as you decorated . . . makes me want to call my mom right now. Thank you for honoring your mom in this way.

  8. Thanks for sharing so much history amidst the beautiful decor. That really makes it so much more beautiful to the heart doesn't it? Maybe your mom gets to peak now and again? (Something I wonder about - but have no idea) She would smile.

    Your wrapping center, with its wooden crates, makes me want to wrap.

  9. Always amazed at how many times our Mother's legacy comes to the forefront as we prepare for this season.
    Lovella, what will your next project be? I'm blown away at how you did not ignore any details.
    Fun to follow your passions.

  10. Your mom would know where the moose went....(smile)

    "Real" moms know where everything is at all times.

    On the other hand...maybe jealous beavers snacked on them.

  11. Thanks for the peek into your office. This tour definately helps to picture your home in my mind -- otherwise it is just imagination. :) I do always imagine you living in the beautiful white farmhouse down the road from me (even though it is NOT a bungalow). It just seems like it would fit.

  12. Hi Lovella. I'm enjoying your home tour so is all so lovely and gracious.


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