Merry Christmas

There is no snow this year . . .

but Christmas is not about snow.

Today it will be the two of us . . .

and there is no turkey in the oven until the 27th. . .

but we plan to go knock on doors. . .

(just kidding)

I'm a happy girl here in the bungalow.

I am celebrating the birth of Christ . . .

and that is what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas my dear ones.

All for now. .


  1. Merry Christmas Lovella!! A beautiful shot.

    There's only a skiff of snow here on the Island. But I've heard rumours of a blizzard in the works.

    We had everyone here last evening after the Christmas Eve service. They'll be back this evening for our Christmas dinner. Then to Roger's parents tomorrow. So different from when they were little but still lovely.

    I hope you have a wonderful day - rest up - I'm sure tomorrow will be full!

    With love and best wishes for a blessed Christmas!


  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I enjoyed your Christmas "home tour".

  3. Merry Christmas, Lovella!

    (I love your views!)

  4. Merry Christmas, Lovella!

    Our Christmas Day is quiet, too. Just the Grad Student home. But the fun begins again tomorrow and continues through New Years!

  5. Beautiful photo. Merry Christmas...

  6. Love your blog, the way you write, and the blessing you are! Our second Christmas starts tomorrow night when our 2nd daughter and family come home! Woohoo!

  7. Don't you love stretching Christmas celebrations out for days? I do! We've now had three celebrations and I'm secretly hoping for another. Ha! What better reason to celebrate?!

  8. Saturday night worship, then straight to bed to rest up for happy bedlam tomorrow? And you do have fresh batteries and lots of space on your camera chip, right?

    Oh to be a mouse in the corner to watch all the fun.

  9. I continue to be so blessed by your beautiful photography and your fascinating way of expressing just what is on your heart.


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