the laundry room and back entry

The bulletin board that I put up all the Christmas Card Pictures we receive was changed to the pictures of our Christmas's past.
As our Christmas card pictures have started to arrive .. .
they are now going up on that bulletin board.
I used to put them all up on our fridge.. . .
but becoming a grammie gave the fridge a new purpose . .
and I save that spot for the grands.

A few old pictures from family albums . .
a simple way to bring a bit of nostalgia to a wall.
(not the best picture. . I should have taken it without a flash .. but you get the idea)
(((if you click on the pictures you can see them better)))

Even I rolled my eyes as I purchased a few Christmas Cards to display.
I bought a wonderful one for myself from my beloved.
I read it aloud to him.

The laundry room had women coming around the corner .. .
all with the same question ..

Where did you get that lighted sparkly garland?

I wish I had thought through the purchasing of decorations a bit more.

I could have had a little booth set up in the my beloved's shop with a cash register and we could have marked up decorations and sold them at a profit.

I told them where it was purchased and was amused the next day when the emails came in. . .

the store had no more. . had they not looked in the right place?

There are benefits of starting Christmas decorating the middle of October.


  1. I love your decorations -- especially the laundry room!!!! It's beginning to look more like Chrsitmas around here, which is good.

  2. Now, I just want to tell you, that your you created the look in a laundry that could make everyone want to stay in it all day and do laundry. I think I would iron things that didn't even need to be ironed with your laundry. I love the look you created. Actually, each of the pictures you shared inspired me on this cold, rainy winter day. Thank you for sharing your vast amount of creativity with us.

  3. Well I just have to say that I have loved your blog for a long time and I absolutely love your Christmas decor. It is heartfelt and so lovely. I think it is just about perfect. If I could, I'd move in like a little mouse and just enjoy it for the season. Perhaps you'd like to take a field trip to Kansas and do a little decorating here for me? You certainly have the touch!

  4. From functional to fabulous...with the right touch! Who would have thought that a laundry room could look be so appealing over the holidays? Not so much over here (smile).

  5. Uh oh - you've set a new standard for laundry rooms and back entries! Ours has become a 'catch all' and the ironing is piling up in the basket, as I'm only ironing one little thing at a time, with this bum hand.
    I had to laught at the thought of you reading aloud the card he 'gave you' to your husband!

  6. Oooh...your laundry room looks so inviting! I just want to close the door to mine. ;)

  7. Nice decorating touches..I love the 'old bench'!

  8. Ohhh...I am SO inspired after seeing your laundry room!
    I ever wrote a song about it!

    I'm dreaming of a white laundry room

    Just like my friend Lovella has....

    Where the washers glisten and ladies listen to hear the dryer chimes go off....

    I'm dreaming of a white laundry room
    With every grubby load I wash

    May your clothes be fluffy and bright

    And may all your lingerie stay white.

    (word verification: Frayed)

  9. Interesting how you have been able to squeeze so many wonderful nostalgic details into your tiny bungalow. There's a nook and cranny for everything.
    I loved that you said, that you bought a Christmas card for hubby. I've done that often, read them to him and don't even sign them anymore...I can reuse them.

  10. I really enjoy all the little touches you thought of Lovella!
    Love that sold out lighted garland. :0)
    My new fridge doesn't accept magnets.

  11. I love Jill's song!!! LOL!!
    Lovella, I see things now that I didn't even see on the tour!~ love the old winter pics!

  12. Your laundry room was so cute. I loved the garland as was just sooooo pretty. I'm loving re-walking through your home this week. Kathy


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