the kitchen

I found that most of the home tour guests that know me through my blog but hadn't yet visited the bungalow . . .
were directionally confused.

It was all turned around for them.
So .. .let me explain.
I am standing at my living room window looking towards our backyard.
If you go through the door to the right ..
you will find yourself in the laundry room and the boys room.
The hallway that we'll visit tomorrow. . .is to your left.

In the evening. . .

after the dishes are done.

I enjoy a cleaned up kitchen.

During the day. . .

when I am trying to cook ..

there is a tad too much clutter . ..

I said . . ."I guess I'll just have to keep the kitchen activity to a minimum."

He said. . ."that's okay .. there is a kitchen in the trailer".

I had to think for a bit about the refrigerator.
I didn't want to plaster my whole house with pictures of the grands.
One week before the home tour. . .a new very large picture in the living room was hung over the love seat that no one could possibly miss. If it seemed they might miss it . .
I pointed it out.

The most fitting adornment for my refrigerator was pictures of food from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.

I included a picture of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook header. . .
a little free advertisement. . .

because I could.

Behind this little hiding spot. . .

I had a little crock pot simmering cinnamon sticks.
It's a little unsightly. . but smells ever so wonderfully festive.

The crocheted apron has been in my cedar chest for the last 15 years.

I imagine my grandmother must have worn it over a plain apron .. .
to pretty it up a bit.

I found the wonderful little Christmas nesting bowls.
A little oatmeal in each one. .
gave them all a bit of visibility.

It doesn't take much to make a few clear glass containers "done".
I really tried not to purchase a bunch of new things. . .
I felt that these clear containers could be used for any season. . .
my mind is already thinking ahead to Valentines day.

Tomorrow . ..we'll head down the hallway.

I am smiling at how long I've already dragged this home tour out.

The bungalow is only so long. . .

soon we'll be going out the back door.

All for now. .


  1. Thank you for sharing your home with us. I have loved each day... this dragging out has been most appreciated :) My husband and I just moved and we are heading home for Christmas this year so sadly there are no decorations at our house. I am missing the smell of the tree and having the lights on in the evening. Your "tour" has been a real treat. Thanks again! Blessings to you and your family this Christmas. -- Amber

  2. This is the best Christmas House Tour I've ever taken! No need to get out of my nightie before heading through the door. That little hidden crock pot was a great idea!

  3. Hi Lovella, now I feel like I didn't miss the home tour after all.
    Thanks for sharing it all looks so cozy,

  4. Well, I'm glad we're still touring...because I see there were lots of things that I missed first time around. Nesting bowls...and hidden simmer pots, to name a few. I noticed the big picture in the living room! Smile.

  5. So lovely and warm. I really like your kitchen window! The glass jars filled with Christmas delight are great. I can almost smell that cinnamon simmering...

  6. This is my first ever Christmas House Tour and it's been spectacular! Because the two of us now live in an apartment and when we get together we're at the oldest daughter's home, I've lost all interest in decorating as I once did!I keep it to a bare minimum. But you've inspired me to go into my storage unit and bring up a bit more and make it festive! Thanks for sharing your lovely, lovely home with us.

  7. Lovella, I have to smile, because sometimes there's a part of you comes out - that I can just imagine you in Grade 2! It's a good thing. I'm certainly enjoying your home tour in more detail this time.

  8. I, too, am glad you're dragging out this home tour! This way, we're not missing the details, and we're able to savor every little loving touch that you've placed in your home!

  9. What I have really enjoyed about your tour, is that you did not run out and redecorate your whole bought those little details, to accent what you already had...I like how you kept it simple and I appreciate you sharing that with your readers.
    It doesn't take much to be above average.

  10. What picture behind the loveseat?

    I must be missing something...

    Your living/dining/kitchen "great" room is the same lay out as my house, except we have the walls that surround the kitchen. Interesting to consider how the layout would look either way.

  11. I'm enjoying the tour - clicking on the pictures and having a lovely time looking at each detail. I'll remember the cinnamon sticks for my Christmas Eve get-together and the candy in the jars - very festive! The nesting bowls are cute too - I think I've seen them at Winners. Thanks for sharing your home with us Lovella.

  12. I'm loving the tour Lovella! And I sure don't mind you 'stretching it out':)

  13. Lovella,
    Thank you for sharing your home with us. I'm enjoying the tour. Can you please tell us about how many square feet your home is? The clear jars with candy are so cute and have giving me am idea.


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