the kitchen sink

The long white strips of fabrics. . .

are bows.

Ten windows. . . two ribbons each.

Crocheted snowflakes gently flutter in the warmth of the kitchen.

Small poinsettias frame each side.

If there is one thing I realized again.

I like things balanced.

I like things balanced in sizes. . .heights. . .and weights.

I also like things balances in life.

With my time. . .I need balance in how much I work. . play and rest.

The last month has been about playing and "working".. . .

this week is about resting.

My beloved is in full agreement.

It's all good.

All for now. . .


  1. So warm and pretty! After all you've done over the past weeks, I think a week of rest is a good thing!

  2. You sure know how to jump in with both feet! It took me until I read Judy's post to understand that you were talking about an actual house tour, and not a virtual one - no wonder you've been so busy with the sewing machine and greenery. Gorgeous!

  3. How very beautiful...and balanced! Enjoy your week of rest.

  4. A restful scene now...after the work. The greens and bows do frame the window nicely.

    When I was young-er, say in my twenties and thirties I liked asymetical room arrangements. They had more energy and were less formal. I find the classical balanced look much more pleasant now, and easier to create as well. The wisdom of age comes, and it is good.

  5. I agree...relax and just sit back, read a book or two, sip on coffee and enjoy your home this season. Kathy

  6. Your rest is well deserved !! enjoy it!!

  7. That was very serene and comforting. I agree. blessings

  8. I was there I saw it all...It was elegant and perfect to a tea...all balanced out and look immaculate...
    I have no clue where she gets her energy from...


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