the grand room

This room is where our treasures lie.

This is where I sing silly little songs when they can't sleep.

This is where . . as I write this on Monday afternoon .. .

the lil' farm hand is tucked in holding tight to moosey and his favorite book that is 30 years old . . . tucked under his arm. He promised to be careful with it.

The treasures that I hold dear ..

like the quilt that my mom made for her children and now is draped over my rocker. .

or the flower girl dress that I wore when I was two and a half ..

or the dresser that my parents bought for me when I was ten while I was away at camp ..

are nothing .. .nothing at all next to the grands that we've been blessed with.

Every now and then we wonder if we will be wise enough .. to pass on some wisdom. . .

or kind enough .. to give them a desire to be kind ..

or generous enough with our time to give them a heart of service .. .

or will they see Jesus in us. . .and want to love Him too.

In this time of our lives .. .

we want to be each others best friend and enjoy the time after raising children. . .

but we also want to be good stewards of our time to invest quality time in the young lives we hold dear.

It was fun to "clean" up the room for a weekend. . .

but I was more than ready to remove the "pretty things"

and put back the items that really matter.

Two high chairs. . two playpens and a stack of assorted sized diapers and pull ups.

The music box stays. . . .it's for their enjoyment only.

Tomorrow .. .our bedroom.

All for now. . .


  1. Lovella, there is NO doubt in my mind that you will teach your grands all that you described and more.
    you are teaching all your readers that......i love the way you love.

  2. what a beautiful room, love the music box, love all your favs. You have been blessed with much and yes, they will see Jesus in you and just being aware of the need to spread that to others, shows that you live for HIM.

  3. I have no doubt that your treasures are being guided...taught...and cherished in the Way that really matters.

  4. Aren't we lucky to have room for our grandchildren to have a special place? I've been getting a bedroom ready for out two, who will arrive on Friday - two of everything! Is that a Jan Brett Christmas book I see on the floor? I love those illustrations.

  5. Sweet room, sweet thoughts to go with those sweet dreams. Lovely blessings to enjoy and it's fun watching you enjoy them...

  6. Lovely room, full of memories and room for more. I enjoy my visits to your blog very much, there is always a peaceful kind joy in your writing and photos. I'm sure your grands will get everything you want them for them.

  7. Your grandchildren are so blessed to have a happy, loving, Christ-centered grandparent's home to come to.

  8. I truly understand your heart in this post. In your kind, gentle, and tender way, you are teaching each of us too. The grandparenting role is a gift above gifts, and I treasure everyday that I have of this role. In our bedroom are three cribs...I understand putting away some things and pulling out others. Well stated.


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