girls room

The bathroom has been one of my favorite rooms.
The fresh cedar garland which took all of 10 minutes to make .. .
made a big impact on the overall look I was trying to create.
My friend Kathy. . .
gave me this perfect little ornament to hang over my satin jammies.
I purchased a few items for this room especially for the tour .. .
a dozen white roses ..
a red poinsettia. . .
and several bars of french linen soap which smell so wonderful.
My sister in law Mary had dropped off a few things that worked perfectly.
The star worked perfectly in one corner of the bathtub.

The first garland that I bent to hang between the bulbs ..
started to smell warm and I discovered melted branches which I then had to scrape off.
The second garland had an inspection for meltable pieces.
I kept the lights low. .
which translates. . .
not as hot.
I don't usually have this tub caddy filled with such lovely things the rest of the year.
I have however . .
enjoyed it very much since the tour .
The roses started to dry and so I emptied the water . .
gave the stems one more cut .. .
washed the stems off well. .
and now they are drying into an arrangement that I'll keep up until Christmas is over.

Several days later. . .
when I looked at my pictures . .
I realized I didn't have a picture of the door.
You can see the candle had been removed from the tub.
A towel with a little sailboat hanging once more over the towel rack.
I had enjoyed a grammie day since the home tour when I took the picture.
Toys .. .trump candles with wee ones.
It's all good.
Tomorrow. .we'll go back across the hallway to the room where the grands lay their sleepy heads on grammie days.


  1. It looks so warm and inviting! I know you had fun thinking of all the little touches to add to your home!

  2. One of the prettiest, coziest, and beautifully decorated girl's rooms ever!!! Just like you to decorate that way. I liked all the special touches including the red pjs.

  3. What a wonderful tour of your home. I went back and read the previous post. Been so busy had to back off on blog time. Blessings

  4. That's definitly a 'girl room' - we girls like our bathrooms! Do you think you can keep a little of that bath caddy luxury all year round?

  5. Oh now that is so inviting. I'm in the mood for a nice hot soak now. Beautiful job Lovella!!

  6. There's something about a cozy girl's room!Your house looked so lovely Lovella. Have a great Christmas with your family!

  7. I also loved looking into that room! It's good to know that life goes on at your house too and the bathroom is for using ... but it was a very nice dream ....

  8. Girls do love a pretty bath....and yours looks like a little retreat for a nice relax.


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