the gift

Dreadfully sorry to have left some of you fretting about my where abouts yesterday.

Sometimes a girl just needs to play hooky .. .right?

Our family was over on the 27th and since we coaxed them to stay until bedtime . . .

I had no chance to do my evening post for the following morning.

More about the 27th tomorrow.

Pretend today is the 26th and I'm posting on the evening of the 25th.

My beloved had been full of mystery and intrigue the days just prior to Christmas.

He announced he didn't need any help this year ...

which suited me fine since I had my own fish to fry.

On the 24th he came to inquire about a bow.

I told him I was using ribbons this year for part of the fancy-shmancy Christmas in the bungalow.

I told him there were a few at the bottom of the Christmas wrapping paper box . ..

and as you can see . ..

he found them.

The box appeared beside the tree on Christmas morning . .
I nearly tripped on it as I was doing my morning routine of lighting the tree first thing . .
before turning on lights.
Apparently my ribbon for the garland making episodes that had his lunch late on several occasions had left a deep impression on him . . .and he has now done his part to be sure that meals and coffee breaks will not be late because of whining from the sewing closet.
I had one project that didn't quite make it under the tree.
I had sewn up a little apron for grandgirlie with the left over fabric from my care group girl aprons . . . and found that it was just the cutest thing for her them to wear while helping in the kitchen.
The lil' farm hand's Daddy was mortified to come into the kitchen one afternoon to see his son wearing the festive looking Christmas fabric and suggested that a manly apron should be sewn up .. .
lickety split.
Being the conscientious mom I am . ..
I ran straight to our local Wallymart and found this JD fabric.

What didn't happen quite as quickly was the sewing.

I left it sitting on my sewing counter hoping the elves would have it done in the morning but still it sat.

When I opened up my Christmas present . . .

my beloved announced with a rather winning smile that they tossed in a pack of free thread.

It was JD green.

Now .. .

I don't plan on sewing JD green overalls for all the menfolk in the household.

but at least one lil' farm hand will have perfectly matching thread for his workbench apron.

And so anyways . . .

that is just the typical thing that made me smile these last few days.

All for now . .


  1. Wow! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Even those of us whose sewing skills aren't quite up to the same par as yours would be thrilled to find a spiffy new serger under the tree! The workbench apron fabric is perfect!

  2. OMGosh.. what a great present hubs gave you! And of course the 4pk of JD thread was the cincher indeed.. without that thread it would have been just a plain ole' serger.. heehee.. WHAT I'm teasing of course..

    Now learn away my dear.. I was toying with an idea of adding a few wee lessons on my blog regarding serging and just what wonderful things can be done with one.

    Hugs with love my dear!!!


  3. Wow what a nice surprise. Yes the little green JD apron will look precious on that little guy. I love the one for the little girl. Blessings of the New Year to you and yours.

  4. That Terry..he must have sold a lot of eggs!!..grin You are one lucky lady Lovella! I love the aprons and with this new serger you'll be sewing up all sorts of wonderful things!

  5. Sweet! I have a few projects that need finishing but my machine is giving out on me...ya think Terry could send a message to a certain someone this way?

  6. What a guy! Well done Terry! Enjoy Lovella. Love that fabric :0)

  7. Adorable! Someone, somewhere is making tuxedo aprons for the men in her family. If I ever find it again, I'll let you know. What great fabric for the little grand. No need to wear the grandgirlie's anymore.

  8. So there I was reading another's blog when I came to. WHAT exactly was it that Terry bought Lovella for Christmas? So I'm back and re-reading and find that I needed to look at the pictures carefully. Ahhhhh, a new sewing machine...fancy one, too. What a fun and thoughtful gift!

  9. I love the gift!!! You'll have so much fun whipping up all those sewing projects that you do so beautifully. I love the JD fabric too. I may have to run out and get some myself. Very fun.

  10. Powerful fun! Look out world. Lovella's serging in style.

  11. What a great gift! You will have so much fun...well maybe not the threading part...but the serging itself is almost therapeutic. I got my serger from Elmer for Christmas twenty-one years I was contemplating sewing new curtains for our house. I think he sold a cow to pay out Janome at that time. It has been much appreciated over the years.

  12. Well, I can tell you will be busy humming away...
    What a wonderful gift. I love the way he wrapped it for you.
    You have a way of keeping him on his toes.
    I have little aprons also that my mom cute.

  13. I'm like Vee - missed the picture ... but I love how you explained your gift. Oh... and the bows? I had to smile... that looked like my gift under the tree....several bows in a pile!

  14. Lucky girl!

    I would love to have one of those pop up under the tree.

    The aprons are wonderful idea, especially with something they like on it. Last year my mom made the youngest son an apron with his hockey number on it. I am not sure which he likes better about or wearing his number off the ice!

    Glad you you had a wonderful Christmas.


  15. Wonderful present! I'm only a little jealous of the Bernina since I got a Singer last year :)

  16. Awesome gift!
    Love the envelope pocket and trim too!
    Enjoy creating new things in the New Year!!!

  17. How wonderful...I have had my Bernina (not a serger) for about 13 years and it is still fabulous...

  18. What an exciting gift!!! Can't wait to see what you use it for in the coming year.

  19. What a great year in review!!!! you've had some really wonderful times. My blogging this week hasn't been very organized -- let's say I got distracted with silly blog posts. I still have Christmas to post about, and then to think about the new year. :) I hope you and your family have a very Happy New YEAR!!!

    Yes, the bigger bump definately looked cuter, but I'm glad I don't have to carry that around for another 4 months, growing bigger all the time. :)

  20. Oh, how did I comment on the wrong post?? Oh well.


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