front row seats

We attended our first ever Christmas Program for our lil' farm hand.

The service started at 5:30 pm. .and at 5:00 pm we were there.

He didn't have a speaking role mind you . . .

we just wanted to see him clinging to the walking rope climbing up the stage.

We wondered if he would see us. .

if he did .. .he didn't let on . . .he kept in "cow" character as part of the nativity scene.

He applauded for himself after successfully completing song #1.

I had a sudden "my mom" moment as I noticed myself . .

mouthing the words .. .

and glancing around to see if everyone was was enjoying it as much as I was.

Of course they were.

The audience was filled with parents and grandparents and regular attenders.

There was a moment of angst as Mary dug through the straw to find the Christ child.

She located him. . and the Shepherds showed up as if on cue . .

with the wise men following close behind.

I loved it.

It doesn't matter how often we see this typical children's program played out before us . .

every year it is fresh and full of anticipation of the coming week.

Mostly . ..the lil' farm hand observed and tucked away what he saw for future stage opportunities.

Our little Kanneloni Macaroni sported a flower for her big brother's stage debut.

Will he remember this first ever Christmas Nativity play that he was part of?

Not likely . . . .

but this grammie has it documented and has begun a new label for this and all future programs that our grands are a part of.

One of the most precious parts of blogging is knowing that someday they can look back and see that what they did was important. . .

it was valued and they can see where their first memories began.

Merry Christmas my little lamb . . .

All for now. ..


  1. We were regular attenders --- imagining how fun it would be to see ours up there. Thank you for allowing me to imagine it a bit better.
    We saw several couples this weekend who shared stories about their grands. At one point I cried. But it's all good. I love hearing these stories, because it helps me imagine where we are at- even though the kids are not here.

  2. How fun to see your excitement. I can feel it in my heart while you wrote that..and out loud your are announcing, "That's Mine"
    How, that you can share this later with your wee ones.

  3. I have had those "my mom" moments too! I can't wait until our grands are old enough for their first pageant! Merry Christmas!

  4. I love seeing the children participate in the Christmas never grows old.

  5. And the sermon that night....wasn't it something else? I'm still glowing from it.

  6. Aren't those just the best of times...watching our grands participate in their first Christmas program?

  7. It's only just begun! You used my term 'little lamb'...I loved that...little cow just doesn't sound as sweet. Glad you could enjoy seeing him with his friends...and mouthing along....I can relate! Looks like grandpa was enjoying KM....cute flower headband! Kathy

  8. So sweet! I love children's Christmas programs...

  9. We heard some our littles at church singing with the big choir last night. I made sure to congratulate them :)

    I heard that The New Boy's entire toddler class at daycare saw their parents and debunked the program enmasse ~ :P

  10. I don't think there is anything cuter!

    You are showing me so many wonderful things about being a grandma - including endless blog potential :)

  11. The kid obviously has talent. He may start out as a cow (um...shouldn't that have been a bull?) but the sky's the limit from here on out.

    Personally, I think he should have been a little

  12. Oh what fun! I love thinking of you sitting there soaking it all up and mouthing the words.


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