the china cabinet

The china I began collecting in 1973 the year I was in grade eight. . .

still makes me smile.

It is the only piece of my Christmas decor that ventures away from classic Christmas colors.

For the home tour . . .

I was offered a set of Christmas china to set upon my table.

I was honoured that someone would trust me with something so valued . . .

and yet . . .

it would have felt like a Christmas table that belonged elsewhere.

For the last 31 years I have done my best to make the dark purple violets fit . . .

and they are mine . . .

and I wanted our bungalow to be a true reflection of ourselves.

I added a small length of cotton lace that my paternal grandmother made.

I fretted and debated as I battled whether or not to take my scissors and slice the precious lace so that it could be used in my china cabinet.

In the end. . .I sliced . . .

and I was glad I did.

She passed away when I was two.

The lace was left to me.

My cousin that was blessed to remember my grandmother came through on the home tour.

She recognized the crocheted items that I had used throughout the bungalow.

She remembered . . .

and was amazed that someone was still using it and giving it a place of honour.

My goal was to use things that had been passed down to us .. .

as much as possible.

I spent the early weeks of decorating . . .

washing lace . . .

polishing silver . . .

and framing cherished cards and mementos.

I purchased some new brush trees to add to my true vintage brush trees . . .

and my friend Linda. . .glued in some pearls she had in her craft drawer.

To bring the table colors together . . .

I added a satin napkin underneath each dinner plate .

I sewed table runners to match the ribbons on the windows and the chairs.

While the last of the home tour guests were leaving . .

I was calling the Chinese food place for takeout.

The six of us . . .

ate our Chinese Food on our fine china.

I'll tell you more about the centerpiece . . .


All for now . ..


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love violets...your china reminds me of my mother's wedding china. I have always cherished it, but with three daughters, she'll be passing it on to the sister who does not have wedding china (not me).

    I love that you feasted on Chinese take-out on your fine china! We need to use our treasures, rather than allow them to gather dust and never really be a part of our lives.

  2. Your china cabinet is wonderful. I have got also quite big collection of china but in our house there is not such beautiful cabinet where I could put it. Part of it I inherited from my grand mother and part of it I bought few years ago. I'm very proud of it especially when we have guests. And polishing it from time to time is one of my favorite activities.

    Take care,

  3. So very wise of you to use family heritage items in your decorating. Christmas is the perfect time to tell the old stories of long ago, and somehow the generations seem to join in the celebration too. Each year those memories do become more precious.

    Some year...have you considered doing a violet, silver, green and white Christmas? Purple tones...royal birth...seems like a natural to me.

  4. Oh how very lovely Lovella. I love all the lace and the hand me downs! Your china cabinet and china looks beautiful.
    How fun to be all ready for Christmas and open your home up for a tour...

  5. Your table setting is so beautiful! You can tell you went to a lot of thought about how to make it festive . . . and special.
    I love that you used your own china. The purple, with the white reindeer and beautiful white cake centerpiece look very elegant ... with just enough country charm.

  6. Your home is very lovingly decorated and the fact that you have included treasures handed down from previous generations makes it even more special...I do love that lace heart border in the china cabinet especially.

    There is an old Bohemian folk tale about winter violets...I'll email you a link!

  7. I'm so glad I am getting a closer look at everything...hard to take it all in with one quick swoop! Your china cabinet looked beautiful...with all your treasures. So nice to showcase heirlooms during the season!

  8. Your post touched my heart. That is exactly what we are meant to do with trinkets and momentos of people and times gone past. Use them to remind others and ourselves of the good times and the good people we came from. It makes us who we are. Thank you.

  9. Hello Lovella
    I saw your home on Judy's blog today in the Open House tour and I have to say it was one of the nicest in the bunch because it looked REAL and not staged.
    I also laughed because you call it a "bungalow' should see the size of my home..if yours is a bungalow then mine is a closet.
    Thank yoi for sharing your home with us all! Have a very Merry and blessed Christmas.

  10. What care you put into your decorating - and I love your emphasis. I also like the idea of framing cherished cards - I really like it! I'm going to look in my keepsake box for some to frame - thanks Lovella!

  11. Chinese Food on that beautiful china is an absolutely delightful thought. So fun! Your kitchen looks absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  12. i love it that you stayed true to yourself and used many well-loved items in your decorating. i'm really enjoying this virtual home tour....and after clicking to enlarge that last photo, my mouth is watering for a slice of that fabulous looking cake!!

  13. Your Christmas table was beautiful - you took such care with all the details, right down to the tiny violet baubles in the glasses inside your china cabinet. The real beauty, to me though, is that it is all a reflection of family love and memories. It all sparkles!

  14. Like Judy, I'm happy you are posting photos. It WAS hard to take in everything and remember it all. The beautiful overall effect was the sum total of carefully thought out details.
    The lace is a treasure, for its own beauty as well as a cherished family heirloom.


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