the centerpiece

When I was asked if I would be willing to open up our bungalow for the home tour. . .

I ran it past my care group girlfriends.

They encouraged me with .. .

"we'll help" .. .

and they did.

It was easy for me to see the final picture ..

but I was needing a bit of help to make it all come together.

My girl friend Linda has decorated wedding cakes ..

and so I asked her to decorate my small cake for the centerpiece.

I baked a small 6 inch cake without using any fat.

Since we would not ever eat the cake . .

I wanted it dry as a bone.

I've never wanted a dry as a bone cake before.

I gave her free reign to decorate it.

I only required that she keep the sides very close to the cake since my domed pedestal cake plate was only an inch wider.

I now can enjoy this cake centerpiece throughout our Christmas season.

I added a few white reindeer which does not compete in color ..

and bit of greenery which in my mind .. .

works everywhere ..

and voila. .

the table was set.

I saved setting the table until the day before the tour.

Doesn't every hostess love to set a beautiful table?

I didn't use fresh flowers .. .

so it cost very little and will last for the month.

Tomorrow . .

I'll show you where I did all the sewing.

All for now. .


  1. That was a great idea for the cake in the center. Everything looks so nice. I do love those Christmas tours. My daughter has a beautiful new home, but declined the invitation to have her home on display. She is worn out from moving and getting all the decorating done.Maybe she will do it another year.

  2. What a clever idea! You must have been a busy little beaver getting ready - it was just sweet of your friends to come alongside and help. You can really enjoy yourself now - in your beautiful, all ready for Christmas, home.

  3. The cake turned out beautiful! Your table setting looks fabulous. I love using white to decorate. Seems so clean and can fit any style you are going for. Love it!!

  4. I wondered about that cake! Your friend did a beautiful job - it looks like a jewell box.

  5. That was such a great idea for the cake! What a clever one you are!

    You know, preparing for the open house was a lot of work, but it served to get your house beautifully decorated early for the you have oodles of time to enjoy the season!

  6. Hmmmmm...maybe in January that is the cake baking process to engage in around here. You loose a little post celebratory can have your cake but you can't eat it too!

    You could even rent the thing out for parties!

    PS: I keep my table set all during holiday season. So festive..we use the plates and put them right back on the table. Miss Manners says that is a "No-no" so I am not inviting her over any time soon!

  7. The table setting was perfect..I was at a Brian Minter's demo this past week and he chatted up about how the Europeans use natural greenery, and that's exactly what you did. I noticed that and you very little Glitz...I love the cedar boughs and center pieces...

  8. Love the decoration on that cake that Linda made! Beautiful. Your table looks fabulous Lovella...enjoy.

  9. Your cake centrepiece really 'takes the cake'. And how fun to have it there to enjoy all month...I was thinking it may have gone the way of the Chinese take-out on Sunday night. Your table looked beautiful...down to the last detail.

  10. There is something about a beautiful table that makes even simple fare a banquet.
    Your table and the centerpiece are 'eye-appealing'.
    Friends who are willing to help your dreams come true are friends indeed.

  11. That table looks great because it looks like your china is Royal Albert's Sweet Violets. Mine too.

  12. Never thought of the fake cake before -- but I'm going to tuck that one away for definite future use!!!


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