the boys room

Putting his bathroom into the home tour continued to be up for debate until the day before.

"It needs a bit of work" . . he said

"but with low lighting" . . I said .. .

"it will be fine".

A pair of old cross country ski socks. .

and a few new towels that were promptly put on my dryer. . .

moments after the doors closed.

The part that had us both amused .. .

was the cedar garland topping his shower .. .that went on. . and came off .. .and went on .. .

and came off ..

depending on whether it was him or I walking past his bathroom.

I have no idea how many times I said .. "you are being such a good sport about this all."

It's a full week since the Christmas home tour. .and it is all good here in the bungalow. ..

his Classic Truck magazines are back in his bathroom .. .

the socks are still up. . .and that's about as much Christmas as that bathroom will see the rest of the season.

I documented it. . .just to say Christmas .. .had been there. .and had done that.

It did make me smile .. .at how often I went to turn the lights back off during the home tour hours .. .apparently . . .the low candle lighting was too low for photography.

Let's see. .what's next?. .

the laundry room. .

before we leave this part of the house. .

but tomorrow we'll take a break from the tour. . .

it's our lil' farm hands birthday. .

and I'll be celebrating that precious little boy.

All for now. .


  1. How funny...and so typical! I think his bathroom looked great for this occasion. I have to note that I have the very same votive cup as the one sitting on the bathroom sink. Oh, and I've been searching for a convenient way to store a spare roll...I've never before seen a contraption like the one hanging from the tank. That's a great idea...wherever did you find that?

    (So funny...the word verification is "trickin!")

  2. A good sport indeed! What fun to decorate everything :0)
    Enjoy your week and celebrating your little one...

  3. Vicki. The roll holder is a local inventor. He sells them locally. .I'll have to find out if they are being sold across the line.

  4. I had to smile at the little 'tug of war' over the cedar boughs. He is, indeed, a good sport, and that bathroom was a showroom for as long as it needed to be.

  5. What...he didn't want to shower under the boughs? His bathroom was perfect for the tour...a good sport indeeed!

    I'm smiling...that the 'tourists' actually turned on lights.

  6. T's Bathroom all done up:

    The trimmings and tied down toilet seat made Bernie laugh his fanny off....

    (And darn those Maurading Druids who insist on invading and burying Proper Christian homes with their Winter Solstic greens...)

  7. Some call it the boys room.
    That's my normal bathroom....
    What would we do without the boys?


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