A set of pillowcases made by my grandma who died when I was two.
She loved me . ..
I've been assured she did.
This Christmas the items she held in her hands have been the starting point for the decorations.
Every room has had at least one item that she crocheted.
I don't use them all year . . .
I want the next generation to have a chance to enjoy them too.
A pair of gloves that my beloved's grandmother wore ..
and my mother's wedding dress . ..
The dress is wonderful to wear . .the satin is soft as butter . . .
I'll likely sit and have a cup of tea in it before it is put back in the cedar chest.
. ..because I can.
I'll tuck it back in my cedar chest for my wee girlies to try on some day.
I'll tell them that the grandma that sewed it .. .
would have loved them so much.

It's not a bed fit for a king . . .
but it's cozy.
All winter long we sleep with the window open just enough to make our down quilt the right temperature.
Occasionally during this tour ..
emails have been curious about the bungalow.
What size is it . ..someone wanted to know.
I asked my beloved .. .
he didn't know either.
I measured the bedroom . .it is 10 X 10.

We discovered several years ago. .
that it is too small for two dressers . . .
but big enough for one to share.

Tomorrow we'll go to the room where we watch TV in the evenings.
I wish I could tell you that we sit and read and have deep conversations. . .
but we don't.
It is understood that when we go to the other end of the house . .
it is likely to have a nap before bedtime.

All for now. . .


  1. I too treasure things that were made with my grandmas hands. How happy she would be to see you using them.

  2. I like it that you are enjoying the treasures left by your grandmother and mother...and that you are careful enough with them to ensure that your grands will be able to treasure and enjoy them.

    I'm enjoying the coziness of our smaller house!

  3. Simply beautiful cozy. Hubby and I share a dresser as well since there's not a lot of space...but that's totally cool with me!
    It's never how big the house, but how big the love in it :)

  4. What wonderful keepsakes from your grandmother and mother. I love the greenery and those checked pillow cases!
    We are always stumped as to the square footage of our house.

  5. What a pretty bed!
    I had a chuckle at your comment on what you do in front of the TV in the evenings. We do exactly the same thing - it's my pre-sleep nap. I tell The Great Dane that I'm like a baby - I sleep better for having a nap a little earlier.

  6. All the treasures in your bungalow...are what makes it so warm and cozy. I'm smiling about your pre-bedtime nap...we should all have a nap room!

  7. I love all the little touches with the crochet, gloves, etc. Your bedroom looks so cozy -- I'd never have guessed it was only 10x10. You do so well with small spaces.

  8. What a blessing to have those keepsakes from previous generations..and that you are passing them on in the future.

    I wish my beloved would be an "open window" kind of sleeper, even in the winter! We compromise and have it open in the warmer months...just a little bit.

    I know I've said this before, but your home is so welcoming and homey and comfortable. It's lovely.

  9. Your bedroom is so cozy. I love the wedding gown and gloves and crocheted items - you have a magic touch for decorating.

    We're open window sleepers too. And it can be cold on some nights. But I love the fresh air.

  10. The coziness of your bedroom is perfect! I think you have decorating skills that I was not aware of. In fact, is there any area of life where you lack skills? It was a real blessing for me to see the many aspects of this room. Thank you for sharing it.

  11. Just wondering if your home is still on tour... would love to visit the bungalow!
    Melissa in Lynden

  12. anon1 here.

    The photo of the wedding dress and gloves--beautiful. You have a really good eye.

  13. You sure do a lot with a 10'X10' room! Every nook and crany is a delight to look at! I can see that you liked playing house as a girl. Too bad we didn't live down the street from each other.

  14. I think this was my favorite place. I was ready to lie down and snooze and enjoy a specialty coffee.
    Guess what's on my Christmas list?

  15. Amazing the thoughts and time that went into creating this tiny bungalow where you make life every day.
    What a blessing. I hope others can also realize that BIG is not everything. Thank-you for sharing.

  16. Lovella, I have so enjoyed the cyber tour of your
    bungalow this week. There were so many people there that day I went through I could not take it all in.
    Going back and seeing it again really got me in the
    Christmasy spirit this week. I love all the nostalic
    items you've shared with us. Not only are the items a treasure, but the loved ones that passed them down to you are also a treasure.It's a reminder to me of how
    much our Saviour treasures us:)


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