As you leave . . .

Here we are at the end of the tour.
It has been such great fun for me .. .
There were other houses that were included in the Christmas Home Tour.
Tickets were sold and all the ticket money went directly to the local food bank.
Thousands of dollars were raised and that amount is mulitiplied since the food bank can purchase food in greater quantities at less cost.
My mother by love Pauline did some baking for me to display.
Her baking is beautiful. . .and I was proud to have it here and there.

My care group girls . .

Linda. . .Hilda and Becky came on a Sunday afternoon to help make cedar garland.

The garland is three weeks old ...

it is crisp but still green and hasn't dropped or shed any of it's bits.

My friends Linda and Hilda came on the Wednesday before the tour and helped me for the afternoon.
Sometimes another set of eyes can see things fresh . ..
and I so appreciated their enthusiasm through out the preparations.
On the day of the tour .. .
(and I'm so sad I don't have a picture of us all). .
the girls who helped me. . .put on the aprons that I sewed them. .
and together we greeted and guided and waved goodbye.

My beloved put up lights on the house and on the outside garland and shrubs.

Without his encouragement and his belief that this was an important cause . .

I would never had agreed to display the bungalow.

And. .

God blessed it all.

I had been so concerned about the weather.

I called on my girlfriends from Mennonite Girls Can cook to join me in asking God to put his hand of protection on all those that would travel from house to house.

It had rained for so many days straight .. .

but on the Sunday afternoon and evening .. .

it didn't rain one drop.

It has been such a blessing to be able to have a small part in helping folks in our community that have fallen on hard times.

Thank you for all your kind words throughout the tour.

You are too kind .. .

and I'm so glad you came.

Please be careful as you go down those stairs .. .

they are a bit slippery in the snow.

All for now. .


  1. How sweet you were to open your warm and welcoming home for such a great cause. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. I'll bet several guests were tempted to sit before the fire and bask in the warmth and comfort before heading on to the next house. I know that I would be!

  2. Thank you for taking me through your home again... a little bit slower The snow fall this week made your outside lights look so pretty. The garlands were a beautiful touch...just completed it all. enjoy the upcoming week together in the bungalow. Kathy

  3. I'm so glad I came too! Thanks for opening your home...and heart.

  4. I've thoroughly enjoyed this tour, Lovella. I didn't get out to an actual tour this year, so this was a real treat! I love the way that your preparations were a gift to so many people - all able to help in some special way with baking, decoration, the loan of precious bits and pieces etc.

  5. What a lovely tour! and how nice that the tour was a benefit for the local food bank! I'm glad it went so well. And now Christmas week is almost here!

  6. What fun to have all your decorating done at once to enjoy all these weeks! I love having an added incentive to get things done and with a good cause thrown in it's a win win situation. Enjoy...

  7. Oh how I wish I'd have been able to come see in person! Thank you so much for taking such care in showing each and every area of your beautiful and thoughtful decorating. You have a beautiful heart - it shows in everything you do and say. I know it's a little early yet but Merry Christmas!

  8. It's been a lovely tour even if we didn't get to taste the baking :) I copied a few of your ideas - I can smell the cinnamon sticks in the little crockpot right now - and old-fashioned candy in pretty jars.

    You know what they say about imitation.

    Sincerely :)

  9. What a wonderful tour! I often go on Christmas house tours and would certainly have enjoyed visiting your cozy, lovely home. I can tell that a lot of thought and energy went into all the preparations...fantastic.

    So cool that you've been sewing those aprons...your friends will enjoy them a lot. Thanks for stopping by so quickly to say hello!

  10. Boy , you sure got more snow than we did. It looks very lovely with all that snow.

    xoxo Mary

  11. It certainly has been a privilege to spend a few posts on this tour of your lovely, cozy, inviting and beautifully decorated bungalow. You and your husband make a great team and many hungry people will be blessed by your kind generosity. Your home pictures, say, "come on it, sit down and enjoy." Just as the message our homes should express to those in our worlds.

  12. I don't know which I enjoyed more ... the real tour or your blogged version.
    Both were beautiful... You did a wonderful job... I know how much work it was but the memories will last forever!

  13. Your tour was awesome! I love your decor and the care you put into every space. You've inspired me! Thank you!!!

    Merry Christmas


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