On Sunday . . .

first the red truck pulled up .. .

and then the red car pulled up. ..

and the grand party began.

There was a good deal of gopher hunting.

The funniest thing was the lil' farm hand trying to coax them over by making "tsk" noises .. .deep into the holes.

When he sensed he was being unsuccessful .. .

he looked up at Gampa. ..and said. .

"Gampa. . .tsk tsk".

Surely Gampa would have better luck at luring them out of their holes.

It was a good day. . .

a very good day.

After filling their tummy's and bathing them in the little trailer tub .. .

we waved goodbye. . ..

delighted that they had all come.

Today is a grammie day. . .

Yesterday was a flu day. . .

I think I'll like today much better.

All for now. . .


  1. Oh, so cute! I can just picture his determined "tsk tsk."

    I'm sorry that you had the flu...hopefully, having the a grand around will help you to feel much better (or at least take your mind off of feeling poorly!).

  2. What a lovely lot of guests!
    I hope you're feeling better today - those little faces will make you smile and that's a good start!

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. So fun to have the little ones join your vacation....brings a whole different perspective. Enjoy today!

  4. Oh so sweet. Have a grand day!!

  5. I've said all along that kitten was destined to be famous ratter like his old man. Rats and gopher hunting each have slightly different techniques. It does takes practice to become a good hunter, and lots of practice too.

    Wonder why the old tom couldn't catch one to show the wee one how to do it.

  6. Cute..tsk tsk'ing for the gophers to come out of the hole.
    Have a good grammy day..

  7. Those are the memories that will be shared for along time.
    I get more excited everyday as I pack all the little fun things for my boys...One rule is that they have to be diaper free before they can camp with us!!!!
    And then we pick him up Saturday morning to pick up the trailer and he helps Opa hitch it up...
    It gets better and better.

  8. How have gopher hunting visitors while camping!

    I'm hoping the flu bug has fled...and you are feeling up to the task of 'grammie day'.

  9. Don't grandkids have the greatest talent for wiggling their way into grandparents hearts!! What a joy they are!! Were we such a delight to OUR grandparents? Somehow we didn't have that perspective....
    I'm sooo glad that you are feeling better and didn't have to pass on grammie day 1

  10. Great story and a great one for the hike. Glad you are feeling better. The little fella is so cute.

  11. Grammie Day = Fun. Flu Day = Not Fun.


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