telling tales

I'm back. . .

full of vim and vigor . .

I've been entertained. .

by the best. .

and lived to tell the tails tales.

See you Monday. . .

4 AM PST sharp.


  1. I laughing...
    Was that the new peanut pedicure I've been hearing so much about?

    Glad you are rested and feeling spry!

  2. You my friend crack me up. First I thought you were using a farm tractor seat, then I realized it was your clog. hee-hee.

    4 am...oh my. I may come later, as 4 am in not a time that I am normally up. blushing.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. You give a whole new meaning to 'lazy days of summer'. It must have been a succesful, restful holiday if you had time to set up these photos!

  4. Oh, my! That's so cute (as is Jill's comment!)!! Squirrels can be so entertaining on their own...the peanuts in the Crocs stunt has me doubled over with laughter!

    I'm looking forward to hearing what tales you've brought back from your holiday!

  5. Interesting use of Crocs!! Hilarious,in fact.

  6. Cute!

    Thank you for keeping the blog wires burning early for us later comers. See you around, oh, 7:30.

  7. wow,a gal after my own heart. I love an early riser. Looks like a great and creative time away...glad you will be back and posting up a storm!

  8. Now, that is very funny! Looking forward to hearing more about your time out!

  9. Peanut pedicure - Jill is hillarious. The croc and peanut show cracked me up.

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my mom. I actually thought of you after she died. Lovella knows what it's like to lose a mom...and so young. I will cherish my memories.

  10. That post should be just in time for my 3ird morning coffee - you're very obliging to us Atlantic timers :)

    The squirrel shot is hilarious! I have blue crocs too - I wonder how long it would take me to set that one up??

  11. I think you the folks at 'CROC's' would like this one...the basis for a great commercial. It looks like you were well entertained!

  12. What a way to feed the squirrels! I'm laughing..

  13. So good to have you back! I've missed your posts! Blessings, Becky

  14. Cute as a button. Great creative and so entertaining. Blessings


  15. I love the squirrels at Manning.. I always pack treats for them !
    Whatever gave you the idea of using your clogs as a prop to tempt them ?? funny...


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