Poland Lake

Let this be a lesson to you all. . .
Bring your pole to Poland lake.
How would I have known that fish would be jumping ?
How would I know that I would miraculously and curiously change my mind in the parking lot .. . .of which trail I felt an inspiration to hike?

He said. . . "do you want to hike up from Strawberry flats to the Skyline Ridge?
(We had previously hiked that from the lower parking lot and the hike from the higher Strawberry flats would allow us to hike further to Snow Cap Mountain)
I said. . ."sure"
We hopped in the truck. . .drove to the parking lot at Strawberry Flats. . .
and I changed my mind.
I said. . . "do you feel like hiking to Poland Lake instead?"
He said. . ."should I have brought my fishing pole?"
I said. . ."not if the fish have the same inclination for not eating your flies as the fish in Lightening Lake are inclined to disregard."

So .. .off we went. . ..on the trail to Poland Lake.

The hike follows a wide path that looks suspiciously like it is used for quading or snowmobiling.

Quading is not allowed in Manning Park .. .
but as the Gibson Pass Ski Area makes itself seen as we hike by foot back and forth up the mountain. . .
it is obvious that someone is allowed to use snowmobiles on the road. . .
likely during winter to rescue folks.

In the shot above you can make out the ski chalet where we've enjoyed hot chocolate on boxing day a few winters ago .

Those buildings are about 30 minutes from where we started our hike.

(They have the road closed up to the parking lot for summer. . .and they trick you into walking up the road by offering a wooded trail beside the road. . .which we declined to use on our return and rather used the full straight road.

Upon our return . . .

we passed the time on the straight 20 minutes section of straight gravel road by trying to see how straight we could walk with our eyes closed. (0ne at a time)

Oh. . . . I enclosed the shot above for your amusement.

This lone tree along the ski trail has become a lingerie hanger.

Maybe you can see them. . .maybe not. .
We counted about 20 cast offs. . .

(in winter?. . . . .really)

So .. .anyways. . .

We got to Poland Lake in time for lunch.

It took us two hours and twenty minutes.

We found a nice log. . .far away from the shelter that I thought looked more like a hiding place for bears.

We opened up our lunch. . . which is the same lunch we take on all our hikes.

We love it.

After lunch. . .

I took pictures of flowers. . .
whilst my beloved stood in agony watching the fish jump.


Yes. . .Fish.

Many fish.

Let this be a lesson to you. . .
Take your fishing pole on your hikes. . .
even if you don't think you are hiking to a lake. .

because you never know. . .
when hiking plans will change.

I did my best to soothe the hunter. . .gatherer. . .
but the beast in him would not easily. . .
be soothed.

So .. . .
off we went back down the path. . .and up the path. . . and down the path. . . .

(yes it was another one of those hikes. . .up and down and up again).

About a third of the way down. . .
we found a narrow trail marked hikers.

We felt we could be considered novice hikers. . .
and so we took the trail which we figured could only lead back to the buildings down at the bottom. It did.

Anyways. . . .
that is the day trip to Poland Lake without a fishing pole.

I grilled up some Salmon and shrimp for dinner. . . (had some tucked in the freezer)
. . . .clever girl that I am.

Tomorrow. .
You never know who will come to visit you when you go camping.

All for now. . .


  1. Well..a woman is allowed to change her mind, right? I like the hike you chose Lovella. Beautiful pics! Too bad about the fishing but you are a smart woman making sure fish was on the menu for supper..

  2. That lingerie tree is, um, interesting...and curious. I'm wondering...when and why and how? ;)

    I think you chose the perfect hike. Perhaps a nice collapsible rod & reel tucked away in the backpack would be a must-have.

  3. Yes, I was thinking that a collapsable rod might be a good Christmas gift idea.
    Re the missed opportunity to fish - in the end it might have been more of a black fly feast for you on the shore!

  4. How fun to be spontaneous...and go somewhere you have never been before! It looks like a beautiful spot...and like you were the only ones up there. You were, right?

  5. You didn't leave a little offering to the lingerie tree? :)

  6. Rachel . .at 50 .. I can ill afford to cast off that which is designed to make me look 40. . . but of course I was a teensy bit tempted. . .just for the fun and distraction of the uphill climb.

    OH . .and yes. . he has a collapsible fishing rod for these sorts of occasions. . .and it was left at home. .. .I heard about that several times too.

    Upon arriving back at the campsite it was put on the list . ..along with a grater. . .I know I bought a grater for the kitchen. . and I can't find it.

  7. Looks like another great hike Lovella!! Love the lake shot!

  8. Oh yes - my husband would be inconsolable too. He loves to fish. I think he'd be moaning almost loudly as I did last week when I forgot my camera on a trip to Cavendish. There was the most perfect sunset over the waves . . .

    Love your hiking lunch. I think it would make a good beach lunch.

  9. Looks like you are paving my way for next week travels. I love Strawberry Flats. I want to take my oldest grand there this year and down to Neopukum Falls.
    Now I'm really itching and keeping my fingers crossed for sunny warm weather.

  10. Such a great adventure. ...and good pictures to prove it.

  11. This was a great post and so beautiful. The lingerie tree made me smile.:)
    My sons would have probably jumped in with the fish...one wouldn't have been able to stand it not casting in for his catch!!!
    Your hiking lunch looked perfect for a day in the mountains. Yummy.
    Thanks for sharing.


  12. That was an ambitious hike!

    I'm not sure I want to know about the lingerie tree...

  13. Beautiful shots... of a familiar place ! smile.. but I have not seen the lingerie tree ! too funny!!
    Someone should invent a fishing pole like those little umbrellas that you just carry in your pocket -- just in case !! smile..

  14. What a nice hike and time spent together! Your lunch looks perfect!
    You didn't need any fish.
    We'll have to so this hike sometime... the perfect weather is coming up.


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