OH Brother!

The first week we were at Manning Park .. .
the weather was spectacular.
It wasn't too hot. . .just right for a day hike.
We decided to tackle the First Brother (of the Three Brothers).

The hike begins at the parking lot at Blackwall Peak. . .
and goes. . .down .. . and up .. . and down. . . .and up. . .
through the beautiful meadows.
We began the hike at 10:20 AM giving ourselves plenty of time to enjoy the day.

When we arrived at Big Buck Mountain .. .
I asked a group eating their lunch if this was pretty much it .. .
"are we there?. . . .and they pointed to a rocky peak in the far distance. . ."
I sat down to ponder.

Note to self. . .
lavender oil. . . .
attracts butterflies....

and horsefly's and deerfly's.

I became a bit of a poet upon the trek .. .

I called this one the


You cannot swat,
When you squat.

The End
by lovella
There is nothing quite as memorable as a horsefly cavern in your flesh of the soft part of your thigh.

I found it interesting to read that trap lines were common in this area in the early 1900's.
In 1931 The Three Brothers Mountain Reserve was set aside and in 1941 it became part of C. Manning Provincial Park. ( he was the province's chief forester who had recently died in a plane accident. . . (never knew that) .. . )

We met lots of folks on the trail. . . .some on their way to kicking horse camp.
I have a hard enough time getting myself up to the first peak never mind carrying gear to the campsite that promises possible bears in the night. . .and no fires.

When we got to the top of the First Brother. . .it was hazy with forest fire smoke. . . .but still beautiful.

As I stood on this edge. . .I wondered about the path that had been cleared years before below.

My beloved perfected his skill of learning when to stop on the trail.
He hears my first sigh. . .
then waits for the second sigh. .
and when he hears my third sigh. . .

He stops. .
turns around and sees me panting like a pup old dog . . . some paces behind.

I thought he was making it up. . .
so I paid attention. . .
and sure enough. .
on the third sigh.. ..
I had stopped.

I heard myself say...

this next year. . .

my goal is to get in shape.

(Hmmm. ..heard myself say that once or twice before)

On my year of Jubilee. .

I climbed a peak I had not been before. . .

The First Brother has been conquered.

We devoured our lunch. ( more about hiking lunches tomorrow)

On the way back down. . .and up. . .and down. . and up...

(It was that kind of a hike)

we took pictures of the alpine meadows which was just passing it's peak of beauty but still magnificent.

A girl must be a bit crazy when you are up there. . .

and thinking of dining room picture options .

I blamed it on thin air.

We arrived back at our truck at 4:40 PM.

Next year. . . .Brother #2.

Tomorrow. . one more hike. . .just to document it.

All for now. .
with love,


  1. Awesome! The views...the meadows...the mountains...the fact that you accomplished this in your year of Jubilee...it's all absolutely awesome! (teehee...I'm not sure I could accomplish that in my current shape. You sounded just a tad breathless in the video...I'm afraid I'd be huffing and puffing.)

    Very nice, Lovella...I'm looking forward to hearing more about this trip!

  2. Now that was just fun to hear your voices!! You were only a tiny bit out of breath - I'm afriad I'd have to order a stretcher :)
    Congratulations on reaching the top!!and thanks for thinking of us while you climbed. I don't get to climb mountains here on PEI so I'm enjoying going along with you. (Although I did manage a beach cliff yesterday.) I love the flower decked Alpine meadows - I remember them from my time in Switzerland. Looking forward to hearing more about your hiking adventures!

  3. What a view! Well worth the effort, I'd say. It's good to keep on challenging oneself - mentally and physically.

  4. Those are some beautiful pictures!

  5. Oh my....those flies! You are a brave woman, Lovella!

  6. Way to go Lovella. That's one of my favorite peaks. We do that annually, next year you can take an overnight pack and dare the next two brothers.
    It looks like your alpines were in full view. They are so beautful. I have so many shots of our little ones sitting in those flowers in those early years.
    Don't you feel as if you really accomplished something with that hike. I am feel exhilarated for you.

  7. Those views make it worth every bit of effort...love those wildflowers!

    We hiked up there with your 'favorite uncle and aunt' many years ago on Canada Day...we were a little early for the wildflowers though.

  8. Again, wonderful pictures with entertaining comments ~ but I liked hearing your voice the best. Good video - so much easier to watch it than hike it! Thanks!

  9. Whew...I loved the flowers and the fact that YOU DID IT! You hiked another peak!
    (And reminded me why I don't hike up peaks...squats and flies. Yikes!)

    You go, Grannie Girl!

  10. Wow, you inspire me!!! I need to just kick it in gear so I can hike. Our terrain is quite flat, so maybe not hike as much as walk!!!

  11. Lovella, that was amazing. Beautiful and it literally takes your breath away. Ya those flies are awful. Of course they like the sweet smelling things. Blessings

  12. Well done!! It really is amazing to get to see these views at the top. I always enjoy Alpine meadows...so very cool. It was fun to hear your voices.

  13. What a climb! You guys are great to attempt that! I think I might have chickened out. Such lovely pictures.

    Glad to see you back on the blog! I got home from vacation and have been wondering where you were -- must have missed your vacation announcement.

  14. Alpine meadows..gorgeous! Loved to hear your voices. I would be more than a little breathless..

  15. Way to go! That's quite the trek!
    I'd be scared I'd get lost!

  16. That was a great read, Lovella. I don't think I'll be undertaking a hike like that anytime soon, so it was fun to go along with you and to hear you describe what there was to see. I look forward to the next installment!

  17. Good for you! It's beautiful. Loved the poem. Ouch. Stinging nettle and squating don't go together either!!

  18. So beautiful, I LOVE those wild flowers! I have climbed to the 1st Brother..(in my younger days!!!) but don't think I conquered the other two... Vic has of course.


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