love those berries

So anyways. . .

The blackberries are peaking in our part of the world.

Yesterday we went to the patch in our back forty five. . .and looked for the biggest and the best of the season.

Blackberries are the best. . .

just out of reach.

The biggest. .

and the juiciest can be seen but not easily accessed so we do ..

whatever we need to do to get those elusive fat and juicy berries.

So . .I said. . ."hold on to the back of my pants. . .I'm reaching in"

He held. ..and then thought I needed a bit more slack. . .

and I lost my balance. .

and wore the brambles all the way down.

Now. . .

this picture was taken after I went to the house and the clotting began.

I said. . ."we need to go back for picture. . .you realize"

Yes. . .he had figured that in.

The rest of the berries were picked. . .

with me pointing ..

and standing on the bottom of the ladder offering support.

All fow now. . .


  1. Oh that looks sore!!! I hope you heal up quickly :)

  2. This reminds me of the time Winnie the Pooh was climbing after the honey and he fell - ow! ouch! oh bother! right into the prickly gorse bush.

    It all comes from liking berries so much

    Hope the stinging subsides and that you enjoy the berries picked by Terry :)

  3. OUCH!! I imagine that you will enjoy those berries and forget all about the stinging!!

  4. owwwiiieeee!!!! Those berries better be worth it!
    Send recipes my way- I've got a bucket in my freezer that I'm trying to figure out what to do with!

  5. Ouch! I'm sure those berries will be worth it...once the pain subsides!

  6. I'm sorry about the fall Lovella but you do tell the story in a funny way and a few chuckles escaped..oops!
    Just be happy you have blackberries to pick..we have none..sigh
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  7. We must be a wee bit later over here, as the berries aren't quite ready - soon though. I've had limbs like yours - battle scarred, but worth it in the end!

  8. ouch! i remember picking raspberries during my childhood summers and, by the time school started, i was always sporting the most beautiful scrapes and scratches up my arms. those STING!

  9. Oh girl I can run my hand down my arm and feel the healed over scratches from some weed pulling I did in Washington where the blackberry vine got me! Your arm looks like it could go in the record books! I hope there was some blackberry pie with ice cream to make it feel better...

  10. Lovella...did you know that the garden variety of blackberries are thornless? It's just a thought. I have three ice-cream buckets from one garden bush so far.

    Hope your battle scars are short-lived...and that the blackberry dishes you prepared were worth every bit of pain.

  11. My arms hurt for you - owie owie owie - I always picked blackberries armed with full length sleeves and pants, leather gloves and clippers. The trouble one has to go through to get them are well worth the effort. Blackberry jelly !!! Yummmy - It's the best

  12. Gulp. That looks awful painful.

    On the other hand, if you are scarred, the younger set will admire your body art, and wonder how you got the courage to have the work done.

    Don't tell them you got it done for free.

    PS: Jeff has the thornless kind. They are noted for being especially good in culinary usage, not so much for popping in your mouth. Stick with the thorns.

  13. That's a mighty prickly enterprise! Your arm looks really painful...yikes. But I'm sure the blackberries were worth it - right?

  14. Oh weh! Oh weh! Oh Weh!
    Those scratches look bad! Does it help any that is was a blog worthy picture? I hope the pies and crisps will be worth it - you'll need to put a photo in front of whoever eats them. And next summer - wear a harness!

  15. Ouccccchhhhhh! Those blackberries can really do damage. It usually sets in worse the following day....tend to puff up. Enjoy your berries. I will continue to pick the low berries. Kathy

  16. I did not want to laugh as I read this, but I had to. I pictured it all. But I am hurting for you too, because I am sure it was painful. I remember the thorns in my grandma's blackberry bushes. Hope you are on the mend. My guess is, that the pain will be less when you bite into a blackberry dessert.

  17. Those suckers are so hard to get to but well worth the struggle. Hope you enjoy them.

  18. Oy Vay! I think I know why we pay soooooo much for them here on the prairies!
    Well documented, Lovella!

  19. Husbands are so sweet! Michael does not enjoy berry picking but obliged me one year when I described the best berries that were so high out of reach. He lovingly carried a ladder THROUGH TOWN to the parking lot where these berries grew!

    I'm sorry you got scratched -- ouch!

  20. That looks mighty painful :(

  21. Oh, ouch! But the berries are worth it.
    Umm, is your blood blackberry shade?

  22. Ohhh !! I'm sooo sorry! blackberry bushes are mean even though their fruit is delicious!
    I hope your poor arm heals quickly!

  23. Lovella - You are a blackberry WARRIOR! May you find the berries soothing and delicious.

  24. I thought I was a mess, until I read your post. Ouch! I have stinging nettles and you name it, but I do have blackberries in my freezer at a big cost....
    I hope you heal...That is so painful.


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