it's never too early to shop!

I was having a hard time believing my eyes on the school supplies being neatly stacked when I was at the big box store the other day. .

I thought perhaps I was seeing office supplies. I looked closer and. . .

saw the tell tale signs of crayons and scribblers.

I then was further amused to see several families stocking up whilst the supply was fresh.

And then. . .I had a "aha" moment. .

If school supplies are neatly stacked on the shelves by August 1st. . .

perhaps . . .the fall clothes are also in the stores.

Shopping for the "school clothes". . .was is so much fun.

I clearly remember the yearly trek to buy one new outfit to add to the homemade things my mom would make.

Now and then my favorite auntie would add one additional piece to the stack. . .

and I'd be set.

Our boys had uniforms through grade school and so the clothing shopping was rather uninteresting . . .save for the all important shoes. . . but the love for searching for the new outfit for school hasn't really left me.

Over the years I've looked for new applicants for my love of new outfit shopping and in the last few years I've found the perfect candidates.

Grands. . .they have no little opinion yet. . .so they are the perfect test subjects to try fashions that look very similar to what I wore in the 70's but somehow much cuter. This year. . .the embroidered jeans and printed raglan tops for girls are featured.

I added Kanneloni Macaroni to the list of test subjects that really needs a pair of jeans for fall.

So. . .off I went. . .list in my pocket. . .though I didn't really need it.

One pair .. . Size two toddler boys. . .√

One pair . . . Size two toddler girls . . .√

One pair. . .Size 3 - 6 months baby girls . . .√

I browsed and could have purchased matching tops. . but then the fun would be over too quick.

Today is British Columbia Day. . .and the BC flag has been hoisted to honour this day.

I'm going to use this day to begin my annual blogging sabbatical.

I'll freshen my thoughts and take a extended recess from pounding out my weekday post.

In the meantime. . .I won't be far. . . I'll be posting now and then along with the rest of the girls over at . . Mennonite Girls Can Cook.

Since we still have to eat even when we are giving our creative writing a recess. .

the girls and I will be taking turns cooking something up in the kitchen every day.

Please come and look for us days a week.

August long weekend marks the beginning of part two summer fun.

I'm ready for it. . .here I come.

All for now. . .


  1. I too remember the fun it was to shop for school clothes and generally only one store bought outfit added to the sewn ones. We'd always get the new pair of shoes.
    Love the jeans you bought. Have a nice time off...

  2. I am with you...I love "back to school shopping!" My more recent subject has been the school teacher daughter, and the "others" get to come along. But the grandgirlie brings a whole new dimension to the season.

    Enjoy the sabitical! Hopefully you can have a "real vacation away" as well after all the heat and farm goings-on!

  3. I was very surprised as well when I saw the school suplies out this week. And you took it to the next step. I guess you can naever start too soon! I'm with Elma - I've come to find out that when there is a teacher in the family - you experience the whole back to school thing form a new angle, but some things still don't change. =)

  4. Love the little jeans!!! Enjoy your sabbatical...I look forward to seeing you looking rested and refreshed on your return!

  5. Isn't it fun to have that second go at back to school shopping - all the fun and none of the responsibility....grandparents have all the fun!
    Enjoy your sabbatical - refresh, renew and come back rejeuvenated!

  6. Yes, Lovella we would go shopping to the JC Penny store and yes, only one outfit each and the rest were farm jeans.
    But now I can look for the boys..Size 8 and 4..Something always works.

  7. Oh.. I too share a very strong naustalgic feeling for 'school supplies... new pencils, new books..I still browse and look even though I have no one to buy for... my grandgirls are at the age where everything has to be the 'in' color or personal preference... But if I'm invited along on the shopping trip I'm more than happy !!

    Lovella, have a wonderful blogging rest ... you will be missed...but all will survive!!

    I wish you a fabulous vacation!

  8. Shopping for school supplies. I loved it too. I still love that section of the store.

  9. I love, love, love school supplies and office supplies (it's a sickness...). Shopping each start-of-school-year was a highlight for me! Alas, I have no one but myself to do that for now...but I manage! Was in the office supply store just yesterday (amazing place). C

  10. Those little jeans are so cute!
    Have a relaxing holiday..

  11. Having two daughters, shopping for school was a highlight. I have also bought 'back to school' clothes and shoes for the grands since they were born. This year the oldest is off to pre-school so it is offical for us this year. She is already asking us if we will come to her programs.....wouldn't miss them! Looks like you found some really cute stuff! The tops are darling! Enjoy your sabatical. See you in 8 sleeps:):):) Kathy

  12. Cute little jeans! I remember wearing a pair in the 70s with embroidered flowers just like those.

    Enjoy your blogging break. Hope it cools down out there soon.

  13. Every summer I picked berries with thoughts of spending all the money I made on school clothes as my motivation. I became a very fast berry picker!!!! I have such good memories of shopping down in the states with my mom for a weekend every August. I seem to remember a few trips to the mall with you too. Did you know that you bought me my very first slip and camisole?

  14. I am feeling a need for a creative break too.

    I blog to be a blessing, hoping to be an influence, praying to make Kingdom impact...but sometimes it seems that there is so little (if any) of all of the above. Wondering what should be shared, putting it down and not seeing much of anything. I know seeing is such an unreliable judge, but wondering if it is time to push away for a time?

    Enjoy your time.

    Enjoy your back to school shopping. We need to go pick up a few things too. Though my plan is to buy less, as we are pretty sure in October that God is sending us back into another adoption.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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