if you invite them . .they'll come

So anyways .. . .

Before we left on our two weeks into the land of no cell phone reception nor electricity . . .

We sent out the word where we'd be .. .

and sent out a casual invitation. ..

"if you are driving by .. . .STOP!"

A few folks took us up on it.

After the kids left on Sunday. . .

we felt a bit lonely.

On Monday. . .the first motor home came driving up.

Woo hoo.

I'm a big advocate of holidays for the two of us . . .

time to relax and reconnect away from the farm and the phones. .

but we love family and friends and so I'm a big advocate of holidays with them too.

Ray and Becky brought along with long son .. .

Robbie turned 17 at the campsite. ..

and he came in handy when we wanted the trailer ceiling dusted.

At six foot seven. . .he officially is the longest friend we have.

All good things must come to an end.

The good weather ended on Tuesday. . .

it poured.

Robbie taught us a new card game.

After 4 hours of playing cards under the tarp. . .

the rain took a pause. .

and we went for a walk.

It was already dusk. ..and the walk through the campsite was typical.

We generally crane our necks trying to see what everyone else is cooking.

With the camp fire ban on .. . everyone goes to bed early. . .

and it is dark .. .very quick.

A couple was walking towards us. . .holding hands. . .

They saw the lot of us. . .but didn't walk to the right side . ..(as is trail crossing etiquette)

They came right at us .. .

Our friends Kathy and S. . .. were officially joining the party.

I love nothing more than friends inviting us for dinner. . .

Friends within walking distance. . .

is pure goodness.

A big slab of salmon for the BBQ .. Fettuccine and grilled veggies.

This girl knows how to make a camp meal.

And that. . .is the end of my documentation of Manning 2009.

All for now. . .


  1. It is nice to have friends drop in for a visit at your home away from home!

    Those young men who are 6'7" come in very handy, don't they? My dear son-by-love, William, takes care of all the too-high-for-me chores whenever he's here for a visit.

  2. Everything tastes better at a campsite - so I imagine that you were all really enjoying that meal together!
    I miss my 6'5" son - the stepstool is getting a lot of use these days!

  3. It looks like a fine time...camping, walking & eating with friends...in the great outdoors.

    Rob is a basketball player, right?

  4. Manning's Motto: Where the Elite Meet to Eat.

    Sad about the no campfire thing.

    And how did Ray and Becky come up with the extra tall genes for that kid? Whew!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time with all of them.
    I'm not so sure about this fine-dining cooking.
    Your trailers looks so beautiful.
    It's fun to see how everyone mixes and mingles...and all the out comes and the biggest thing that Matters Most is that you all have a great time, rain or shine.

  6. Just a little visit to say hello . .. I've missed seeing what you're up to. So good to see what a wonderful time you had at Manning - in your playhouse! I hope you're feeling better.

  7. What great fun..camping with friends!

  8. Nothing like the camping. Pretty nice looking camper.

  9. That's the best kind of camping holiday!

  10. oh my...soo much fun... seems like your vacation is just an extension of all the wonderful fun you have already...at home! But minus the chores, of course!

  11. It was a fun time together! Scot & I chuckled at your clever photo....we both agreed it was perfect! Many more fun times are ahead I'm sure of it. Kathy

  12. I am finally catching up on a little reading! So surprised to see we are part of your feature! It was fun, wasn't it ~ even in rain or chasing sun rays, smiles abound. Thanks for the memories!
    Oh, and yes, those sons that are 6'7" are a delightful surprise!

  13. Sounds like so much fun!! how nice to have some visitors. I just found out Michael will be (conveniently) out of town during our church campout and am deciding if I should attempt solo with the kids (maybe I can find a spare aunt or Grandma). We'll see....


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