gated community

This summer. . .

we turned our farm into a gated community.

Unlike most gated communities that are built to keep the riff raff out. . .

we built ours to keep the . . .well . . . the younger. ..more ambitious .. .in.

We're not completely gated. . .

we just blocked some of the paths. . .

since we find that our eyes in the back of our heads. . .

are growing weaker.

Essentially. . .

it means nothing.

They just walk around the long way. . .

and we follow.

There are times though when . . .we run. .

and they follow.

If we are so blessed that they choose to follow in our paths. .

may the paths we lead them in . . .

be wise. . .

honest . . .

kind. . .


God honoring.

Oh Lord Jesus. . .help me to remember that what I say. .

and what I do. . .


All for now. .


  1. Cute post!!! Your little farm hand is cute cute! and I love your small prayer at the end... It reminds us that little ears are always listening and little eyes are always watching.

  2. Gated community? Good chuckle this morning. What energy and what fun..
    The little prayer at the surely does matter.

  3. And may we be as swift as the little ones as we go to do what is right.

    LFH is so darn cute!

  4. A good gate to keep them in is nice. I love your thoughts about their paths and what they learn along the way. May God bless you all richly with wonderful relationships and memories to relish. I think you've made a lot already.
    Even though I have no grandchildren and my married kids are having to work through the prospect of not being able to conceive I take a hard look at my yard and wonder how to make it safer adding a little bit of fence to keep little ones contained...

  5. Ah yes - a gated community does give one a sense of security, but eyes in the back of the head are still useful!

  6. Such a cute post and how appropriate! This just serves to remind me of what little Aiden's mommy and daddy will soon be facing!

  7. So cute!

    And how long will it be before the three of them are climbing over the fence?

  8. Gated communities are wise much safer. Cute post.

    'Amen' to your prayer.

  9. Another "short and sweet" post. .. as I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to shorten my ramblings. Amen to your prayer!

  10. Isn't it great honor being a grandparent. To walk their little paths and that they may walk ours. I think you are doing just super in your role.

  11. Definitely my prayer as well.

  12. Grandparenting is a much bigger job than I ever thought.
    I love your gated community.
    Perfect for this part of your life.

  13. Adorable.
    I love how you express the sheer joy you feel in being a grandparent. Does my heart good.

  14. From one gated community~ to another. From one praying grandma~to another...that I may remember that my words so matter. I smiled the whole way through this post.

    What a adorable little guy you have.

  15. Glad you are enjoying this little fella so much. You are right...they are so quick and we are just not as fast as we once were. Keep having fun. Kathy

  16. I love to see the little farm hand running around. All our grands are almost grown now. Lovely post today.


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