the tree house

Grandgirlie and I stood at the bottom of the massive cottonwood tree. . .

watching her Daddy climb up the trunk.

It used to have walls I explained to her.

She waved and chattered ..completely unconcerned.

Since it was built. .

a few other inhabitants have taken refuge in the tree house.

I used to climb up there too. .but until they take a cornbroom to the cobwebs and nests. . .and what not all. .

I'll just watch.

He said. . ." I wonder if Dad has been looking for this?"

I zoomed in. .

"you guys". . .I said. .

"it's probably safe to bring it down and confess"

And. . .so he did .. .

and yes. . .the annoyance of losing that level had long since left.

All for now. . .


  1. My sisters and I would have LOVED a treehouse like that. I'm thinking that treehouse is going to have to be spruced up in the next few years for some new residents!!! how fun!

  2. I suspect we'd all be very surprised at the places those missing items from years past are hiding. I often wonder if someone ever ran across those things in very unusual places and wondered how it got there and who put it there (like the jigsaw puzzle that's down in the ductwork beneath the floor in a house from long ago).

    That's a great treehouse! Does Dampa have plans to fix it up for the grandkids?

  3. Oh what a blast! I bet many of hours were invested in the building of that. It looks quite sturdy! That would have been a dream come true to have your own little (it actually looks quite big)space to sneek off to, to hide in, to dream dreams in, to camp out in....Your children were very blessed to have a parent to build such a structure..

  4. Oh my that is so funny that the level was up there! It would take more to convince me to get up that high then to clear out the cobwebs and critters. An elevator might convince me :0)

  5. How I remember you tell me many times...the boys are working on the tree house. What a great time they had and now the memories bring smiles and laughter. Isn't it funny how at the time when something around the house (shop) goes missing it is such a big frustration, and how time just removes that. Now the level is just another fun little story to bring back memories that make you smile. is the tree fort ready for the next generation? This time round it may get a set of curtains, Kathy

  6. Now that is one great treehouse..I think I could be convinced to explore that one even amidst the cobwebs! We used to have a treehouse for our children and they had an old typewriter up there and I heard them 'clacking away' on that thing hours on end!

  7. I think grangirlee's dad is considering a reno project...and it looks like that treehouse has lot of potential. He might just be needing the level up there again. Treehouses are meant to have 'cobwebs and whatnot'...especially if they are were the 'little boys' play. What fun!

    Our kids had a treehouse as well...which was their private fort. Treehouses are all the rage is even possible to spend the night in a treehouse B&B (no 'cobwebs or whatnot' there).

  8. Isn't it interesting that boys all around the world build tree houses and forts? That masculine urge to have a place of their own to build and defend. Girls want a "play house", give the same structure to a boy and it immediately becomes a fort.

    I am glad that's the way it is with little future men. Wouldn't they really be happiest if there were dragons involved in their play worlds too?

  9. I sure would have loved a tree house like that - one of my favortie things to do before I hit the age where it's not proper was to climb trees! The other one was to play dolls in little houses. This combines both ...

  10. it was safe then? That's too funny and I love that treehouse. I imagine that it'll be refurbished a bit and you'll be climbing back up there some day soon.

  11. I loved that story. Just recently one of our daughters moved into a new home and when it was finished and we were all invited to house warming, my precious grandgirlie said Mamaw I want your to see my Girls club. I thought maybe it was outside since their property has a lot of woods and glorious trees, but she took me downstairs to the basement and back under the stairs was the girls club. Carpet, lamps and pictures on the wall. I could not crouch down to go in and she said well Mamaw you can keep watch and keep the boys away. Love the ideas they come up with. blessings

  12. i can't wait to see what terry will do to that tree house and whip it into shape....that will be one great place for those grand kids, because they won't be babies if they can climb up there.

  13. So fun...and it looks like there is going to be a whole lot more advenure for those grandkiddies ahead, but it could probably be re-created to be a place for adults to hide away as well...

  14. Did they sleep up there? So much fun to see the adults looking at their childhood 'toys'.

  15. My Knight is hoping to build a treehouse for our littles. I had one growing up. Yours is amazing and I'd imagine a wonderful place to spend endless hours in seeking the very Presence of God.

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  16. Hmmm.. next time you can't find something .. send Terry up to look in the treehouse!! smile..
    What a neat treehouse it is! A few more years and cousin camp will have a 'hide-out'!

  17. I had a "way high" tree house in the woods when I was growing up. My friends and I had wonderful times there. C

  18. Well, how often have we noticed those missing things years later...
    But obviosly he had taught his sons some valuable lessons.
    Soon it will be pay back time.


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