tre sorelle

I am always amazed at people that are kind. . .

just because.

It makes me stop and wonder . . .where I can pass on that generous kindness.

I had an email from Liz after Kanneloni Macaroni was born. . .

She wanted to send a pair of darling booties. . .she said.

I said. . .how incredibly kind of you.

When the box arrived. . .

it was filled with booties and baby butters. . teas . . .baby soap. . lavender soap. . .bath salts. . .baby jelly. . .bath fizzes. .

and baby booties and the most precious hand crocheted wash cloths.

This package was perfect for a baby and new mommy that loves girlie things.

Tre sorelle is a little boutique in the small town of Harrison Hot Springs.

I had popped in to see the lovely things on our last visit.

If you are going to Harrison Hot Springs. . .stop in and say hi!. .

You'll be glad you did.

Tre sorelle. . .(tray - sore- el -ay) in the beautiful language of Italian means three sisters.

Thank you .. Tre sorelle!

I didn't expect nor deserve such a kind treat. . .but I loved it!

PS. . .I confiscated the bath salts. ..grammies like to soak their bones now and then. . .

All for now. .


  1. Unexpected gifts can brighten up a day, and this is a perfect example! The tiny one up in the right hand corner is so adorable!! Fun days ahead for you my friend.

  2. What a wonderful gift..enjoy!
    Beautiful baby, love the dress!!

  3. Very sweet! And oh look there's little K.M. herself! Look at those great little feet.

  4. Oh what a sweet gift! And was that a glimpse of the new babe? How darling she is!

  5. I loved this. Neat idea, nice story, nice pictures, nice mosaic. You have a great friend out there. Blessings

  6. it's so darn hard to balance summer and blogging ...I'm out to change that today!!!!

    You are one beautiful woman of God

  7. Oh, what a fun package! Beautiful little gifts to enjoy, but what is special is the personal touch. So perfect!

  8. Such a thoughtful gift! Miss KM looks so adorable...huggable...precious!

    I did get my hugs and cuddles in this weekend...and I'm so ready to head back for more. My little darling lives too far away.

  9. What a beautiful story and you've captured it so well! What a precious picture of baby. Lovely collage! Harrison Hot Springs is totally lovely!

  10. How fun!
    I looked for this store last time I was in Harrison. Is it in the hotel?

  11. What a wonderful gift. We all love those little boutiques and love their products. Yes, I agree Grandmas need alot of soothing.

  12. Keri .. no it is in the little strip mall. . I think about the third from the end.

  13. it me? Where is the picture of the baby that y'all are talking about?


  14. What a great gift...and a lovely mosaic!

    I will be on the lookout for this unique boutique next time I am out that way. How is that I have seen it?


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