the travel blankie ..

Still in the 99.9 %ile. . .of thinking about baby Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

I felt it only makes sense. . .

that I blog. . .

what I think about these days.

It was quite fun. . .getting ready behind the scenes. . .

it felt like a great secret that I continually patted myself on the back . . .

for keeping it so close to my heart.

The week before she was born. .

I quickly made a blanket for her car seat.

I'd like to take credit for picking the fun and lively pattern. .

but her mommy knew her better than I. .

and I left her to that task.

It took but a few hours to sew up. .

Wash and dry the cotton.

Cut out a rectangular. . the size appropriate for a infant carrier.

Cut out four lengths of binding. . . two lengthwise .. and two width wise. .

Sew the soft. . .and the cotton together . . .wrong sides together.

Sew the binding on the four sides. . leaving the corners free to make double sided mitred corners. . .(that actually took me the longest to figure out)

Tie the blanket at fun little places. . .birdie feet. . .stems. . lion whiskers. .

and you are done.. .

Then you say ..

"ta dah". ...and you wait. . some more.

Ah . .but once tucked inside. .

she sleeps like a lamb.

All for now. .


  1. That is so cute and quick. I think the mommy picked out the perfect material! Congrats to you all on little Miss KM :)

  2. That is lovely - you are so inspiring Lovella. I'm going to keep my eye out for a second-hand sewing machine. Maybe I can start on napkins and work my way up to aprons and then a blankie - I'm sure I will need it for a sweet little someone someday!! :)

  3. How darling! The fabric is are such a thoughtful Grammie!

  4. I wish I lived next door to you so you could help me make one(two)of these. You made it look so simple. I did not know one could sew covers for the infant very creative! You just seem like a perfect grandma. I know you will enjoy ALL of the moments together.

  5. And to think that my babies just had to make do with a plain yellow gingham cover for their car seat. No wonder they fussed so much! They were deprived, and I didn't know it.

    I love that would be getting used around here for all kinds of mid century modern decore. Love it!

  6. I love that fabric. What a great idea for the car seat! Beautiful work Lovella!

  7. Oh...I love that. I'm thinking of know of a baby that might be needing one of those! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gosh you are clever! What a wonderful fabric her mama chose, too. Yes, doing those corners is the fussy bit. I had to follow Posy's directions (Posie Gets Cozy) like a hawk.

  9. It's fun watching you create your own art work for each individual grandchild. They are so precious and so loved.
    I've decided to pick up some more flannel and try my crochet stitch to make some baby gifts for some of my young friends with newborns.
    I so appreciate the value of having home-made things.

  10. It's so cute! I love the fabric --- with those cute line drawings and pretty colors. Very inspiring, even down to the double-mitered corners!


    PS: I see that Jill's babies got a yellow gingham car seat cover. All my boys got was a towel --- so the yellow gingham sounds very up town to me! LOL!

  11. oh i love the carseat blanket. The fabric you used is just beautiful! Perfect for a little girl. Congrats Grandma!

  12. I know you tried to make it sound easy, Lovella, but it doesn't sound easy to me. I have a mental block when it comes to following sewing instructions. You are amazing!

  13. I love that material. She did a great job selecting it. My kiddos didn't even have a car seat. I don't remember what we did, it has been so long ago. I have made crochet blankets for the Children's Hospital. I never thought about car seat blankets.

  14. What a sweet blanket and sewn with such love. You are a wonderful Grammie, Lovella as well as a talented and creative one. I predict your precious grand- princess will cherish this gift.

  15. I'm with Anneliese on this one :)


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